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Cleanliness is a cornerstone of holistic healthcare, and an often overlooked aspect of this is the crucial role played by laundry services. Shubhram Hospital Solutions recognises this importance and has stepped up to provide comprehensive, high-quality linen management and laundering services that ensure infection-free linens adhering to international standards. Their state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to guaranteeing that thousands of patients experience the utmost comfort during their hospital stays.

To further bolster the reliability of their linen management process, Shubhram initially relied on manual inspections to scrutinise each cleaned cloth, ensuring that no stains or imperfections remained. This meticulous approach was aimed at elevating the trustworthiness of their service. However, recognising the need for greater efficiency and agility, Shubhram turned to Addverb, a technology solutions provider, for assistance.

Addverb introduced Shubhram to its cutting-edge "Vision Management System" (VMS). This innovative system harnessed the power of cameras strategically placed to capture and identify stains, wrinkles, and even torn bedsheets.

The Importance of Vision Management System

The Vision Management System was a holistic solution that integrated sensors and a programmable logic controller (PLC) to detect any abnormalities in the bedsheets, leading to the identification and subsequent removal of subpar linen items. These rejected linens were either reprocessed or discarded, ensuring that only top-quality linens were provided to patients.

In a sector where quality is paramount, especially in healthcare, Addverb's VMS emerged as a game-changer. It heightened the reliability of Shubhram's linen management process, enabling them to operate at an impressive 98% accuracy in their day-to-day operations. This boost in efficiency not only ensured better linen quality but also served to delight their customers with impeccable service.

In essence, Shubhram Hospital Solutions' commitment to cleanliness and quality, coupled with the technological innovation provided by Addverb's Vision Management System, has elevated the standards of healthcare linen management, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable experience for patients.

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