Virtual Commissioning Engineer - R&D Controls - Addverb

Virtual Commissioning Engineer – R&D Controls

As a Virtual Commissioning Engineer, your responsibility is to minimize on-site commissioning duration and enhance the solution's robustness, ensuring it is error-free and stable. Join us in revolutionizing the way warehouses operate by automating material handling systems! Be a part of a multidisciplinary culture with a diverse mindset! As the largest robotics company based out of India, Addverb provides the chance to work alongside intellectual minds and be a part of a collaborative, dynamic culture. With international exposure and a flexible work environment based on freedom with responsibility, Addverb offers endless opportunities for growth and learning.

Role Overview:

The role of the Virtual Commissioning Engineer is based out of the corporate office in Noida. This position involves developing a virtual model/digital Twin where all software, including PLC logic, WCS Logic, and FMS logic, can be validated and optimized before deployment on the actual site. This approach reduces the commissioning time on the actual site and enhances the solution's robustness, making it error-free and stable. Additionally, the role supports the solution engineering team in validating and optimizing the solution before finalization.

  • Noida, India
  • R&D Controls
  • Full-time role


  • Read and understand the functional-specific documents and layouts to get a complete understanding of the project and discuss with the virtual commissioning manager to understand the expected outcomes.
  • After understanding the functional-specific documents and layouts, plan the development flow and consider the project delivery timeline.
  • Once the plan is ready, initiate the section-wise modelling as per the layout and make the system ready to integrate with PLC.
  • Post completion of the virtual model, request the PLC development team to provide the logic backup, test scenarios of control philosophy, and plan the validation meets.
  • Keep the team updated on the outcomes of ongoing PLC logic validation.
  • Once all the test cases of the system are validated, report the findings to the whole team and conclude.
  • Develop the virtual model as per layout and project understanding.
  • Develop the required modules in SimTalk.
  • Model scenarios based on hypothesis and run different iterations to achieve the expected results.
  • Continuous exploration and implementation of new technologies in virtual commissioning and digital twin design.

Key Skills, Qualifications, and Required Years of Experience

  • Minimum Qualification of B. Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics, Instrumentation, Electronics, Electrical.
  • 2-5 years experience in Mechanical Modelling Simulation of electrical control systems
  • Exposure on Siemens PlantSIM (SIMTalk language), Process Simulate, PLC SIM Advance, and NX MCD
  • OOPs programming, DSA, C++, Python, Industrial- Communication Protocols, PLC Programming.
  • Exposure to Industrial Automation and knowledge of sensors, drives, and processes.