Technology Lead - Software - Addverb

Technology Lead – Software

As the Technology Lead, you will guide the team to design and develop software products and ensure on-time and quality delivery of projects. Join us in revolutionizing the way warehouses operate by automating material handling systems! Be a part of a multidisciplinary culture with a diverse mindset! As the largest Robotics company based out of India, Addverb provides the chance to work alongside intellectual minds and be part of a collaborative, dynamic culture. With international exposure and a flexible work environment based on freedom with responsibility, Addverb offers endless opportunities for growth and learning.

Role Overview:

As a Technology Lead, you will be responsible for leading the team to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and with high quality, while adhering to best practices and standards. In order to guarantee seamless cooperation and on-time project delivery, the manager is expected to collaborate closely with internal teams, including software, projects, embedded systems, and mobile robotics teams. Additionally, they will engage with clients outside of their organization to comprehend their demands and offer suitable solutions.

  • Noida, India
  • Software
  • Full-time role


  • Perform effective project planning: task creation in Azure, resource requirements, project roadmap, backup resources, and integration documentation.
  • Understand the requirements and define the Database and Application structure under the guidance of the Software Architect.
  • Collaborate with the team to define database and application structure, prepare functional requirements, troubleshoot, and prioritize project deadlines.
  • Align tasks with requirements, communicate with the team, review, and merge code, establish entity relationships, adhere to coding standards, and ensure thorough module testing.
  • Own end-to-end project delivery, be responsive to production issues, and resolve critical deliverables.
  • Provide guidance, conduct reviews, build relationships, delegate, resolve grievances, recognize good work, and provide development opportunities to achieve targets.
  • Improve the process by ensuring adherence to coding standards, setting team goals, tracking sprint tasks, and creating project-specific requirement documents.
  • Monitor and review team progress by regularly reviewing status reports, providing feedback to team members, conducting performance reviews, and assessing individual and team goals.

Key Skills, Qualifications, and Required Years of Experience  

  • Education qualification of B. Tech/M. tech and equivalent
  • Prior experience of 5+ years as a software developer with proficiency in programming, data structure, and algorithm, and a minimum of two years of team leadership experience
  • Background in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, as well as expertise in Azure DevOps and Jira tools.
  • Additional qualifications/certifications in Java, databases like MSSQL and MYSQL, Spring Boot Framework, Redis, Data Structure, Linux, Basics of Kubernetes, and Front-End technologies such as Angular, JavaScript, CSS, SCSS, and SASS.
  • Preferred skills include awareness of working with hardware teams (controls and embedded), as well as knowledge of warehouse operations.