Robotic Warehouse Automation for FMCG Industry

Robotic Warehouse Automation


It is a global MNC whose products meet everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene and personal care




The Distribution Centre should handle a large assortment of SKUs to serve 5000+ customer orders every day, resulting in handling of more than 8 Lakh piece quantity (Eaches)



To pick, pack and dispatch 5000+ orders in one shift of 12 hours



To ensure timely delivery to the customers- as the overnight orders need to be fulfilled and dispatched with >99.5% accuracy

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Addverb is all about finding valuable patterns


The company has a diverse set of offerings and has a very extensive distribution reach to cater to every nuke and corner of the country. The onset of organized retail and proliferation of pack sizes has resulted in a change of expectations from the retailers leading to faster order delivery time and also an increase in the SKU and quantity mix per order. We observed the existing fulfillment process and also conducted structured interviews with top executives, retailers and operations teams to understand the business requirement in detail. The current process was not equipped to handle the complexities with regards to SKUs having different MRPs, Batch Numbers and shapes & sizes. Also, the existing process lacked agility and flexibility to cater to increased demand and new order mix.

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Solution Design by Addverb

We partnered with the customer to perform SKU profiling and did extensive data mining with the dispatch data. This helped us to understand the storage requirement for different classes of material and an insight into the throughput requirement. With the help of this data, we simulated different scenarios on our design to arrive at the right technology mix. Since the operation had to be performed in very little time, we devised an efficient sequencing algorithm and also to cater to a large number of SKUs storage space had to be utilized effectively, we created a design that would result in maximum utilization of the warehouse space. Looking at the throughput requirement we suggested a “Goods-To-Person” system as the backbone of the entire fulfillment operation. Following technology mix was selected to meet the requirements:

  • Quadron (Carton shuttle)
  • Dynamo (Autonomous Mobile Robot)
  • Mobinity (Warehouse Control System)
  • Optimus (Warehouse Management System)
  • Rapido (Pick-To-Light)
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Quadron_Carton shuttle Addverb
Carton storage solution

With a world-class in-house manufacturing facility and modular designs, we were able to manufacture and supply the entire automation equipment in less than 4 months. With the help of a cross-functional team of 30+ Engineers, installation and commissioning of the entire project were done in record time. Partnering with the customer to understand their requirements in detail helped us to customize and configure Mobinity (WCS) and Optimus (WMS) , to ensure efficient order sequencing, real-time slotting and picking process optimization. In order to strengthen the warehouse operations, we integrated a Camera-based quality detection system to increase the accuracy and also a dimension weighing and scanning system. Plug and Play software modules coupled with easy to install automation hardware ensured that we could complete the project in record time.

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Dedicated Support

Customer Support

Dedicated support resource_Addverb

We were there to handhold the customer and provide initial support during the go-live and ramp-up. We provided stabilization support and detailed manual documentation for the proper functioning of the operation. A dedicated 24/7 on-site support was provided along with the required spare parts. Also, regular remote support for the customer was provided after the ramp-up and even when we left the site of operation. New Business requirements were incorporate through a smooth and quick change management process to ensure the operations did not get affected.



1 million eaches picking rate per day

Carton shuttle_Addverb

The picking rate increased 3x as compared to manual picking


dispatch accuracy achieved through WMS, light-directed picking, and camera-based quality assurance

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