One of the world's leading fashion brands, needed an innovative warehouse automation solution to manage its end-to- end operation and possess the flexibility to adapt to seasonal demand fluctuations. The operations required a smooth W process flow to manage their wide SKU levels efficiently robust warehousing software for accuracy and real-time visibility.

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Their facility handled a wide array of SKUs and needed a solution that promised accuracy and efficiency. Their inventory comprised majorly of 60% footwear, 30% apparel, and 10% accessories making inventory control a complex affair. Their objective was to develop a robust solution that could efficiently manage the operations, reduce dependency on manpower, and simultaneously save costs.  

Their requirement included a complete process from receiving material, put-away and retrieval, followed by each and case picking, order consolidation and sortation for quick dispatch according to the assigned destination. The solution had to be flexible to cater to B2B as well as B2C customers to facilitate omnichannel fulfilment. Also, they wanted to have a planned reverse logistics process to streamline all the returns from different channels and manage inventory accurately. To manage the complete end-to-end operations of the warehouse they needed a one-stop solution, for enhanced synchronisation and smooth information flow. 

Solutions implemented

They needed to incorporate a greenfield solution in brownfield, that too quickly as the brand was scaling up quickly and the demand was rising.  To meet all the objectives, Addverb designed an innovative solution combining the power of fixed and flexible automation. 

The solution comprised of Autonomous Mobile Robots for material movement in the warehouse, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems like Pallet Shuttles and Carton Shuttles to optimise space utilisation. For automated material transfer and returns handling, Multi- Carton Picking vehicle was added along with sorting robots for quick dispatch of orders and cater to B2C customers. Additional systems like mixed case palletisers​, pick-by-lights, and strategically planned conveyor lines helped in the seamless integration of fixed and flexible automation. 

Improvement in Key Results (KPIs)

For a solution this large and involving a wide array of robots to automate the operations of the complete warehouse, the KPIs are unmatched and enviable across all fashion brands.


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