Different Types of order picking in Warehouse

Order picking in a warehouse involves finding and extracting the specified amount of right SKU necessary to fulfill an order.

Discrete Picking or Single order Picking

Picker will take the picklist and a picking cart/crate/box and goes to the specified location to perform picking operation for an order.

Cluster picking is majorly location-driven where in SKUs for multiple orders would be picked from one particular location

Cluster Picking

Batch Picking

Batch picking is an order picking protocol that calls for the picker to compile a batch of the orders by picking from a single SKU or one SKU at a time.

Zone Picking

In zone picking, the entire picking area is divided into different zones and each picker is assigned to a particular zone.

Wave Picking

Grouping of orders into waves is the first step in wave picking, it can be done on a small number of orders like 4 or 5 or on a large number of orders, like hundreds, depending on the order volume & the shipping routes/schedules.

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