Fleet Management System (FMS)- Legion

Legion, the Fleet Management System (FMS) centrally manages the robot fleet end to end, allowing the operator to perform the complete management of mobile robotics systems from different kinds of devices.

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Fleet Management System (FMS)


Our Legion monitors and plans the movement of all the robots in the fleet


Fleet Monitoring

It monitors the location of each robot, status, battery level, mission in progress, etc


Task Assignment

It allocates the tasks to each robot as per the order quantity


Charge tracking

It keeps a track of charging status of the robots


Collision alert

Legion sends alert to the mobile robots so that they won’t collude


Our solutions result in better planning and hence results in productivity


Route Planning

It plans the optimal path for all the robots


Realtime Tracking

It tracks the location and details of each robot and helps in planning



The software can be configured as per the requirement such as email alerts etc


Advanced Analytics

It shows the fleet analytics featuring information regarding robot productivity and usage

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Our Impact

Accuracy 100%

Legion ensures real time tracking of the robots and streamline its movement


Dynamic Planning


The planning can be done as per the order quantity



Of fortune 500 companies have got positive results by opting for FMS and mobile robots

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