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Are cobots the next wave of warehouse automation?

Robots are being used in the space of Industrial automation since a decade back and have undergone several updates during this period. Collaborative Robots or Cobots, are currently facing its boom period leveraging its easy configuration and app-based controls. Neeraj Sharma of Addverb Technologies is writing why cobots will play a big role in the development of the fourth industrial revolution and the industrial Internet of Things.

Invented in 1996, cobots have just started making an impact on various industries across the globe. These robots unlock the way to Industrial automation for almost every size of business. It is renowned as one of the cost-effective automation solutions which will work alongside humans, enhancing their capacities and simultaneously building their skills.

What is inside?

Cobots have built-in safety mechanism including power and force limiting technologies which make them safe to collaborate with human operators. Cobots are fashioned with inherent safety features like force feedback and collision detection. Hence, they are more precise, powerful and collaborative and take lesser time to deploy as compared to their conventional and bulky counterparts. For companies with seasonal demands, dynamic product lines or multiple processes can opt for cobots which can also be moved between different tasks.

They are equipped with sensors, smart technologies and systems which are linked with Industrial IoT solutions and specific systems. For the purpose of distance sensing, cobots are in-built with vision or radar sensors. This helps them to implement speed and separation monitoring. Non-ergonomic workstations can be greatly improved with the help of robots. Cobots are enabled with verbal command functions and incorporate voice interpretation.

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