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Addverb, a leading global robotics company, is well-prepared to leave its mark in Australia’s automation landscape. With its commitment to innovation, culture, and people, it is set to redefine the future of automation solutions. The company’s wide range of intralogistics automation products is designed to meet the growing demand for innovative tech solutions in various industries. As Australia rapidly embraces automation, Addverb brings its expertise to enhance warehouse operations and unlock efficiencies across the supply chain. 

According to a recent study, the global warehouse robotics market is prepared for remarkable growth. Projections indicate that the market size will surge from US$ 4.7 billion to a staggering US$ 9.1 billion by 2026. 

Leading the Way in Automation

Established in 2016, Addverb has become a trailblazer in the field of intralogistics automation. Its diverse range of automation solutions and dedication to research and design has positioned it as a global leader, shaping the future of automation solutions worldwide. With the rising demand for automation in Australia’s retail and 3PL sectors, Addverb’s entry into the ANZ market couldn’t be more favourable.  

Bot-Valley: A Place where Humans and Robots Collaborate to Create Endless Possibilities

In 2021, Addverb established Bot-Valley in Noida, India—a world-class centre of innovation that exemplifies the company’s commitment to breaking barriers. More than just a lab, Bot-Valley is a facility designed to inspire collaboration among top technopreneurs worldwide. It features an experience centre, design and engineering floors, and extensive collaboration spaces. Notably, it has the capacity to manufacture 50,000 robots annually, a significant part of Addverb’s expansion plans. Furthermore, Addverb has provided warehouse automation solutions to more than 100 companies helping its customers unlock efficiencies across their operations. 

The Co-founder and CEO of Addverb, Sangeet Kumar, views Bot-Valley as a true reflection of Addverb’s core values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), as well as its innovative culture. He further emphasises that Bot-Valley represents the organisation’s aspirations and the kind of company they strive to become. 

Bot-Verse: The World’s Largest Robot Manufacturing Facility

 In addition to Bot-Valley, Addverb recently developed Bot-Verse, a brand-new facility in Greater Noida. This facility houses the world’s largest robot manufacturing plant, spanning an impressive area of 60,000 square meters. With an annual production capacity of approximately 100,000 robots, Bot-Verse will solidify Addverb’s position as the leading provider of intralogistics solutions. The facility will also contribute to local economic growth by creating over 3,000 highly skilled job opportunities. 

In-House Manufacturing and Software Development

What sets Addverb apart is its vertical integration approach. By manufacturing its own robots and developing its own software, it has achieved unparalleled efficiency and innovation. This in-house capability allows it to offer highly customised products that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and software systems. Its comprehensive range of intralogistics automation solutions caters to various needs, from cutting-edge Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for picking and moving to full-scale ASRS systems. Addverb has provided warehouse automation solutions to more than 100 companies including Unilever, Amazon, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola and its wide range of products has helped its customers to unlock efficiencies across their operations. 

Recognising Australia’s strong commitment to automation, Addverb sees this as a significant opportunity to introduce Australian businesses to a fresh perspective on intralogistics and automated solutions, bringing a completely new value proposition to the Australian market through a fully integrated approach.  

Global Expansion

Addverb has global ambitions that reach far beyond Australia.With recent expansion plans for the US market, it has appointed Mark Messina as the CEO of the US operations 

Reimagining the Future of Intralogistics in Australia

Addverb’s entry into the Australian market is set to redefine the future of intralogistics. By offering an integrated approach with a single provider and overarching software solution, it aims to drive efficiencies for businesses across the country. With a focus on eliminating the challenges associated with dealing with multiple automation providers, Addverb will bring a unique value proposition to the table. Ranmeet Singh, appointed as Head of Solutions Design, ANZ, will lead its expansion into Australia, leveraging his experience from Amazon and Addverb. 

CeMAT 2023 in Sydney

To introduce its innovative solutions and team to the Australian market, Addverb will be attending CeMAT in Sydney from July 25-27, 2023. This event provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to discover the cutting-edge automation solutions offered by Addverb and witness firsthand its commitment to revolutionising intralogistics. 

With its commitment to innovation, in-house manufacturing capabilities, and integrated approach, Addverb is all set to redefine the automation landscape in Australia. As the demand for automation solutions continues to surge, Addverb’s entry into the ANZ market comes at a well-thought-out time. Its unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of intralogistics automation positions it as a key player, prepared to make a lasting impact. Get ready to witness Addverb’s groundbreaking solutions at CeMAT Sydney.  

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