EMEA Industry Survey And Report On Brownfield Automation - Addverb

Majority businesses around the world have taken their first step towards warehouse automation in one form or the other. This ranges from basic streamlining of material flow with conveyors, to highly automated operations comprising of AMRs, AGVs, and picking technologies. Now, with reducing margins eating into their profits, businesses are looking to further fine tune their warehouse operations with an upgrade to their existing automation infrastructure.

Potential disruption in operations, high cost of dismantling existing infrastructure and setting up new infrastructure, and longer installation time - these are few reasons why incremental automation may seem like a challenging task to companies looking to upgrade their existing warehouse automation systems. Brownfield Automation is the practical solution for achieving this upgrade.

Based on a survey conducted across a high-focus group consisting of key decision makers from companies around Europe, this report intends to explore facets of brownfield automation in terms of cost, convenience, and pressing challenges like labour shortage and keeping up with the ever-changing requirements of the domain. This study also attempts to gain a deeper understanding of what industry professionals think about various aspects of automation, the challenges they face, and what they aim to benefit from warehouse automation.

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