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Crane ASRS efficiently loads and unloads heavy items, ensuring precise storage. It's highly adaptable and compatible with various equipment and locations. Designed for pallet loads of up to 1500 kg, it offers accurate real-time inventory tracking through its modular design.

Travect, our revolutionary Rail Guided Vehicle, transforms pallet transportation in warehouses and factories. Experience fast, flexible, and reliable movement on a fixed-floor twin rail loop. With expandable capabilities and multiple sources/destinations, Travect handles high volumes and throughput efficiently.

Medius, our innovative multi-level shuttle system, optimises the storage and retrieval of materials up to 50 kg, including cartons, crates, and totes. It efficiently accesses 7 storage levels in one aisle, enabling double-deep storage of up to 4 m. The compact design and lightweight construction reduce maintenance and improve energy efficiency.

Dynamo, our versatile mobile robot, excels in warehousing applications like material movement, picking, and sortation. Compliant with EN1525 and ANSI/TTSDF B56.5 standards, Dynamo ensures reliability with a robust chassis and compact design. It navigates complex terrains, recognises objects, detects obstacles, and enables efficient order fulfilment using advanced AI techniques.

Quadron, our versatile carton shuttle, automates the storage and retrieval of goods in cartons, crates, and totes of up to 50 kg. It uses a shuttle-based system with vertical lifts and specialised racking, increasing throughput and storage density. It is perfect for high-speed GTP stations, with the potential for 25 shuttles per aisle.

Rapido, our trusted Pick-to-Light solution empowers your workforce to pick the correct products and quantities swiftly and accurately for order fulfilment. With its unparalleled speed and operator-based approach, Rapido ensures efficient and precise order picking, making it the ultimate choice for rapid fulfilment.

Zippy, our high-speed robotic sorter, efficiently sorts SKUs at high speeds. It employs obstacle detection and grid-based ground markers for optimised operations. Zippy offers flexibility for adding and removing robots and sorting destinations. It comes in two forms: table-top for vertical sortation and floor-top for integration with conveyors and case pallets.

Multi-Pro, our high-throughput shuttle-based ASRS, increases storage density as an intermediate buffer for production, dispatch, and reserve inventory. It includes a mother shuttle powered by a bus bar, releasing a child shuttle onto a perpendicular storage track for accessing and recharging automatically.

Zesty, our advanced Pick-by-Voice technology revolutionises the order-picking process. By eliminating the need for paper or RF devices, Zesty streamlines operations through voice commands. Experience quick and precise item picking and packing with real-time instructions delivered through an intuitive interface powered by cutting-edge speech recognition technology.

Veloce, our flexible multi-carton picking robot addresses the high storage needs of cartons, crates, and totes of different sizes. This adaptable solution optimises space and enhances efficiency in goods-to-person operations. Employing grid-based navigation, Veloce effortlessly navigates narrow aisles, enabling double-deep storage and retrieval of cartons, crates, and totes with exceptional accuracy.

Cruiser, our sturdy pallet shuttle, maximizes storage density and productivity by efficiently storing and retrieving pallets. It operates on racking rails, raising and lowering pallet loads. With Wi-Fi control and a replaceable lithium iron phosphate battery, it ensures safety, longevity, and minimal discharge.

SortIE, our modular vertical sortation robot operates on a dedicated track, swiftly sorting packets to their respective bin positions in a put wall. With its innovative design, efficient belt drive mechanism, and precise motion control, it ensures flawless sortation. Ideal for rapid commerce and reverse logistics, SortIE can be readily expanded to accommodate higher demand.