SortIE delivers highly accurate sortation while sorting individual packets to their destination locations at varied heights on a dedicated track.

  • Payload (kg)10

  • Maximum Aisle Length7 m

  • Speed3 m/s

  • Sorts per hour450 sorts

Meeting Requirements like Yours

SortIE is a valuable tool in any industry where sorting, organising, and handling large volumes of goods or materials is required.

SortIE is a cutting-edge technology that can optimise warehouse operations by reducing the need for manual labour, increasing order fulfilment speed, and improving accuracy. With its advanced algorithms, SortIE can handle a large volume of orders, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to scale.

SortIE's advanced technology automates the sorting and routing of returned items, improving the efficiency of the reverse logistics process. This results in reduced costs for businesses and an improved customer experience, as returns are processed more quickly and accurately.

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The implementation of SortIE can optimise inventory storage and reduce errors, leading to an overall improvement in warehouse efficiency. With faster put-away and order fulfilment, businesses can improve their customer satisfaction levels.

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Tech Specifications

  • Acceleration 3 m/s^2
  • Racking Type Supported Customisable
  • Safety Systems Emergency Stop, Limit Switches,
  • USPEasy to Integrate

  • Power Supply220 V Single Phase AC

  • Operating Temp.+5 to +45 Degree C

  • Powered byBus Bar

How SortIE Will Benefit You?

Case Studies

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