Our Pick-To-Light through our own electronic hardware and in-house software enables high-speed order fulfilment operations, with best-in-class picking rate and outstanding productivity



Tech Specs

Power and Display

  • Powered by: Bus bar/ Cable based PTL
  • Display : 4-digit Red color lights
  • Display Digit Size : 0.56 inch
  • LED Signaling: Multicolored

Other Features

  • Processor: RISC Based Controlling Unit
  • Maximum Power: 960 mW
  • HBM Protection : +/- 16kV
  • Bus Pin Fall Protection: +/-70

scanning of an order crate's barcode sends an electronic signal igniting respective Rapido in the zone

Rapido's LED displays the number of items to be picked from that location

The pick is acknowledged by putting off the confirmation button

In dogged pursuit of excellence

High Throughput

Rapido enables an increased picking rate of 500 order Lines/Hour

Unmatched Accuracy

Offers an accuracy of 100% in product picking and sortation operations

Robust Design

Rugged design with an added tolerance for DC Power Supply Fluctuations

Seamless Connectivity

Swift integration with any WMS or WCS owing to Rapido’s simple yet efficient software anchoring

Advance Analytics

Enables data driven decision making through analysis of operational data such as picking workload, zone productivity, inventory characteristics etc

Low Operational Complexity

Simple and Intuitive in nature, it requires very less time to learn for new operators

An evidence to our ingenuity

Improved Efficiency

Operational efficiency boost enabled by Rapido for a major 3PL player


High Accuracy

Enables negligible picking errors that boosts order fulfilment performance.


This paper-less picking technology with uber-high efficiency and drastic cost reductions helped industries attain higher growth

Trailblaze into the future

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