Our pallet shuttle robot equipped with state-of-the-art electronic components inside enables vertical space utilization, facilitates FIFO & LIFO operations for safe and faster pallet load movements



Tech Specs


Speed & Performance

  • Payload capacity: 1000/1500 kg
  • Speed Unloaded: 1.1m/sec
  • Speed Loaded: 0.8m/sec
  • Power supply: DC 24 V
  • Travelling Motor Power: 1.0 KW

Other Features

  • Pallet Dimensions: 1000mm x 800mm
    1000mm x 1000mm
    1000mm x 1200mm
    1200mm x 1200mm
  • Battery Capacity: 24 V 58Ah
  • Battery Operational Capacity: 4/10 H
  • Communication Mode: WIFI (2.5GHZ, 5 GHZ)
  • Control: PLC based
  • Remote Access / Support VPN Access: Yes



Controlling Tab

Processor: Qualcomm MSM8909
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo
Dimensions (mm): 193.04 x 132.08 x 12.70

battery 2


Battery Capacity: 24 V 78/50Ah
Battery Operational Capacity: 4/10 H


Battery Charger

Battery Charging Time: 5/0.5 H

Utilization of vertical space through dense racking system

After processing the command, Cruiser takes the pallet load to the given location and stores it

In case of retrieval, Cruiser goes to specified location, and brings the pallet back

Electronically equipped with bumpers and safety sensors, Cruiser avoids collision with other pallets or humans and running out of channel

Advanced electronics allow it to be Flexible, Reliable and the Safest on Earth

High Productivity

Increased number of cycles/hour enabled by continuous loading and unloading


Equipped with bumpers and safety sensors, cruiser provides safe collaboration to work alongside humans

Ease of Operation

With simple and clear instructions it can be easily operated with any android smart device

Improved Accuracy

Increases picking accuracy levels to 99.99% + ensures safety of operations and ergonomics


Vertical utilization of floor space helps in minimizing rental and maintenance costs

Space Utilization

Narrow aisles of the pallet shuttle shelving allow for more storage space and the channel length can go as deep as 40m

Our Results shows for itself

Increased Efficiency


Cruiser has increased operational efficiency for one of our customer in the Food & Beverage Industry


Reduced operational cost


Operational cost has plummeted due to increased space utilization



of fortune 500 companies have got positive results by opting for this solution

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