Food & Beverages

Rapidly changing food habits, heightened demand for packaged food, and stringent regulations regarding packing and storage have resulted in a striking power shift from manufacturers to retailers. Tight processes focusing on zero contamination, precise storage, and high-speed storage and retrieval operations are the key reasons why automation is an absolute necessity in food & beverage logistics process.


Why choose Addverb for Food & Beverage industry?

We are at the forefront of transforming food & beverage supply chain logistics, powered by smart automation solutions that are designed specifically to deliver accurate “flow-through” sortation, equipment innovation, AMR, voice-tech, and robust WMS .


Food & Beverages | Increase existing storage space

Expansion of the existing operations results in requirement of additional storage space. By incorporating intelligent automation solutions, you can increase the existing storage space of your warehouse.


Food & Beverages Managing FIFO, LIFO and SLED

Industries and products that are sensitive to weather conditions and products sensitive to shelf life require strong inventory management. Integrating smart software solutions to your system can help you manage these requirements


Food & Beverages cold storage automation

With rigid temperature requirements imperative for cold storage, automation not only eliminates the risk of contamination and spoilage but also adheres to scheduling and accurate picking for such a time-sensitive storage system


Food & Beverages Automatic Packing/Destacking

Packaging is one of the most critical and sensitive tasks in any food and beverages industry. Addverb’s Robotics solutions can add immense value to streamline this process to a great extent

Our Impact

Increased Efficiency

Multi-pro has empowered a wide-range of warehouse sites enhance their storage and retrieval operations



Picking Accuracy

Quadron, the first carton shuttle manufactured in India, helped increase storage and picking accuracy of cartons

Increased existing storage

Our Cruiser has helped many companies operating in Food & Beverages in increasing their existing storage space


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