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Warehouse robots have become the backbone and the future of warehouse management. Robotics, powered by the intelligence edge, is enabling warehousing and manufacturing businesses to remain competitive by integrating automation that helps improve productivity, increase worker safety, and enhance product quality.

According to ABI Research, more than 400 million robots will be installed in more than 50,000 warehouses by 2025, as against less than 4,000 robotic warehouses in 2018. More and more companies are now switching to industrial automation and robotics not merely as a solution to solving their warehouse challenges but also as a medium to get ahead and remain ahead in the market. But what all encompasses automation, what role does robotics company play to solve today’s challenges, and where do robots fit in?  

How Robotics Works in a Warehouse Industry? 

What is warehouse robotics?  

A warehouse robot is an autonomous machine designed to minimise or improve human efforts in a factory environment with the help of technology. Earlier, automation in warehouses was largely about moving bulky items in a restricted environment. However, in recent times, innovation has grown remarkably in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. This prompted companies to start planning smart warehouses.  

Today, warehouse automation can be handled by autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that independently navigate warehouses and assist human workers. Robotic automation companies have taken a long leap with warehouse robots. While older models such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) relied on predesignated paths and human labours to perform tasks such as the delivery of materials. The rapid growth of e-commerce and greater demand for advanced technology has created the need for better technology.

Why is warehouse robotics gaining a lot of popularity?  

Apart from technological advancements, the reason behind the ever-increasing demand for warehouse automation is that warehouses can be incredibly taxing for human workers. Warehouse operations include bending, stretching, lifting, and walking especially while carrying heavy items. Continuously performing such straining tasks for hours can even lead to injuries or accidents.  

On the other hand, robots never get tired – and even if they do, all they have to do is to recharge next to a power outlet. Moving heavy objects does not come with any physical risks. Ideally, you will be able to free workers from stressful tasks.  

Additionally, the growing popularity of e-commerce in these years has also created hefty demand for warehouse robotics. Not only are consumers placing more orders online, but they are also pushing for faster shipping. This only means warehouses must keep up with the ever-growing consumer demands to stay relevant in the market.  

Industries using warehousing robots  

  • E-commerce & retail industry  
  • Automotive industry  
  • Pharmaceutical industry  
  • Fashion and apparel industry  
  • Chemical industry  
  • Beverage industry  
  • Electronics industry  
  • Petrochemical industry  
  • 3PL industry  

Achieving Warehouse Automation with Addverb 

As one of the best robotics automation companies, Addverb is a technology leader in automation, offering a more sustainable and resourceful solution to future-proof your business. The company’s solutions combine technical know-how and software to optimize how things are moved, powered, and operated. Thriving on years of excellence, our team is committed to delivering innovation that encourages industrial transformation in the most efficient and effective way.  

As a pioneer in Industry 4.0, Addverb provides its customers with a comprehensive line of tailored automation solutions combining the latest and the most efficient technologies that best fit their warehouses’ operational needs and processes. Let’s take a look at some of our cutting-edge automation solutions specialised in performing a diverse range of tasks:  

Mobile Robots  

There are various tasks to be performed within the warehouse such as sorting, packaging, and storage. At Addverb, we offer a diverse suite of mobile robots that can autonomously move around the facility with the help of sensors and advanced navigation to carry out dynamic operations of a modern warehouse in the fastest and safest way. There are four types of Mobile Robots, and each one is best suited for a specific task within the warehouse. Here are these with their applications:  

Autonomous Mobile Robots: Known as Dynamo 100, it is a robust mobile robot which is used for picking up and transporting materials to their designated locations.  

Sorting Robot: Our high-speed sorting robot, Zippy, uses grid-based ground markers to perform SKU-wise intelligent sortation at very high speeds.  

Multi-Carton Picking Mobile Robot: Named Veloce, it facilitates multi-level storage and retrieval of cartons, crates, and cases without additional storage infrastructure. 

Robotic Sortation System: Known as SortIE, it efficiently sorts individual packets to their destination locations at varied heights. Equipped with an efficient belt drive mechanism and precise motion control, it ensures highly accurate sortation.  

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)  

Our dynamic storage solution utilises robotic shuttles that travel autonomously along narrow rails to smoothly retrieve and transfer products to a workstation. Depending on the requirements of the warehouse, it can be customised to function on a single level or across multiple levels. With our unique and reliable line of robotic shuttle based ASRS, warehouses and distribution centres can be confident about the various benefits that automation offers, specifically leading to increased throughput and better return on investment. Let’s see some of our ASRS:  

Carton Shuttle: Addverb’s carton shuttle, Quadron, comes with vertical lifts and specialised racking which allows high throughput and storage density.  

Mother-Child Shuttle: Our versatile ASRS, Multi-Pro, is ideal for multi-deep pallet storage requirements and allows the handling of large numbers of SKUs.  

Pallet Shuttle: Our pallet shuttle, Cruiser moves along the storage lanes across a special set of rails embedded in the racks to lower and lift the pallet load to perform the storage and retrieval operations, respectively.  


As the name suggests, in Person-to-Goods picking, workers have to travel the aisles of a warehouse to manually pick items and then bring them to an area for packing. To bring down this unproductive walking time and improve performance and productivity, Addverb’s Person-to-Goods warehouse automation system offers a range of advantages to reduce foot travel, cost-per-pick and save wear and tear on associates.  

Pick-by-Light: Known as Rapido, it guides your human operators to easily pick the right products and quantities for an order, which makes it the fastest operator-based picking process for fulfilling orders.  

Pick-by-Voice: Known as Zesty, its smart technology carries out the order-picking process with the help of voice commands to guide workers without paper or RF devices.  

How Addverb’s Products and Services Benefit Customers and Improve their Lives 

From improved inventory management to increased workers’ safety, companies can reap countless benefits from warehouse robotics. Given below are some of the benefits of choosing Addverb’s products and services for warehouse automation:  

Higher efficiency and productivity: Robots are capable of performing several tasks alongside those that are complicated and highly repetitive without the need for taking rest or breaks. This enables greater production, safety evaluation, or any other tasks to be performed in continuity to boost output.  

Reduced labour cost: Deploying Addverb’s dynamic and robust robots can drastically reduce the requirement for the human workforce. They can be integrated based on the demand in the market. And they work throughout the day without much maintenance and extra costs.  

Increased accuracy: For tasks that need extreme precision, consistency and accuracy, robots equipped with cameras and AI can perform real-time inspections and perform tasks accurately, reducing the chances of errors and enhancing service quality.  

Improved worker safety and workplace ergonomics: Tasks that need access to dangerous environments, demand extremely strenuous movements or include handling hazardous substances or chemicals can substantially increase the risk of human workers getting injured. By deploying robots in such situations, businesses can keep workers out of danger and prevent possible injuries.  

Space optimization and increased flexibility: One of the greatest advantages of our robots is that they can easily adapt to varied tasks and storage needs, which increases the flexibility of operations. Additionally, these robots use space more efficiently, improving warehouse optimization.  

Apart from this, our robots can increase load capacity, improve the quality of the service, and reduce wear and tear on materials.  

Choose Addverb as Your Robotics Company Solution 

Warehouse businesses that run in an environment of never-ending change need innovative ways to not only pull through new challenges but thrive in the face of continuous transformation. With unparalleled expertise, comprehensive end-to-end solutions, and a commitment to superior services, Addverb stands out as one of the leading robotics companies. Our journey begins by generating insights and understanding your unique challenges and opportunities. We then meticulously select the right technology mix and design innovative automation solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our dedication extends beyond solution deployment, as we provide unwavering support even long after the project is completed. 

As one of the leading robotics companies, we empower companies to harness state-of-the-art automation solutions, enabling them to stay ahead in the fiercely competitive market and transform their warehouses into intelligent, efficient, and future-ready facilities. By partnering with Addverb, you can unlock greater efficiency, productivity, and safety for your warehouse operations, ensuring you remain at the forefront of the market’s evolving landscape. 

To take the first step towards unlocking the potential of your warehouse operations, we encourage you to contact us today. Together, we can pave the way for a more streamlined and successful future in the competitive market ahead. 


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