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Our shuttle based ASRS system for multi-deep pallet storing, adept at handling increased warehouse demands of intensive material storage and handling



Tech Specs


Speed & Performance

  • Payload capacity: 1000/1500 kg
  • Speed Unloaded: 3m/sec
  • Speed Loaded: 3m/sec
  • Battery Operational Capacity : 4/10 H

Other Features

  • Pallet load dimensions: 1000mm x 800mm
  • Battery Capacity : 24 V 78/50Ah
  • Communication Mode : WIFI (2.5GHZ, 5 GHZ)
  • Control: PLC based
  • Remote Access / Support VPN Access: Yes
  • Power supply : 415 V (3P) AC
  • Travelling Motor Power: 5.0 KW


battery 2


Battery Capacity: 24 V 78/50Ah
Battery Operational Capacity: 4/10 H


Battery Charger

Battery Charging Time: 5/0.5 H

Multi-Pro system takes the pallet load from the vertical lift and moves to the required location

At the specified aisle, Cruiser goes to the required location and performs storage operation

In case of retrieval, Cruiser brings the pallet from the specified aisle to the Multi-pro channel

Built to be Flexible, Reliable and the Safest on Earth

Height Utilization

Increased number of height levels (as high as 15) with each level having mother and child shuttles for optimal space utilization

High Throughput

Offers an increased throughput of 60-70 pallets/hour, powered by a Mother shuttle carrying speed of up to 3 m/s and Child Shuttle carrying speed of 0.8-1.1 m/s

Varied Load Handling

Multi-Pro system handles varied load formats with a payload of 1500kg

High Operating Time

Operational for 10 hours with one recharge cycle and a fast battery charger that charges it 100% in 30 minutes


100% accurate positioning with respect to racks facilitated by Multi-Pro and Cruiser, augmenting the safety features

Convenient & Flexible

Effective planning, informed decision-making, and flexible material handling enabled by in-house built control system

Increased Efficiency

Multi-Pro enabled high surge in operational efficiency for a leading FMCG company


Reduced Operational Cost

Optimum storage space utilization saving cost on space requirement


Dense storage, high flexibility of operations, & increased space utilization enabling companies boost production

Trailblaze into the future

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