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Our carton-based Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) allow for efficient storage and retrieval of cartons and totes. The Multi-level shuttle ASRS can be combined with Addverb's carton shuttle, to adjust retrieval throughput based on SKU demand. The carton shuttle utilises a vertical lift to move crates/cartons to different levels of the racking structure and is versatile.

These are Unit Load ASRS systems used to store and retrieve pallets and heavy loads, where slow-moving SKUs in large quantities are involved. It can be customised to handle odd shapes and heavy goods. These reach up to the height of 42 m, to optimise space, and a warehouse may have multiple aisles dedicated for pallet racking depending on the throughput requirements.

Addverb's 'Mother-Child shuttle system' is a versatile shuttle-based Automated Storage and Retrieval System that is ideal for multi-deep pallet storage requirements and enables handling of large numbers of SKUs. The mother shuttle that runs perpendicular to storage lanes and launches the child shuttle which accesses the storage lanes to store and retrieve pallets.

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