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Our fixed sortation system is fully automated and modular with our unique sorting robot - SortIE. It operates on a highly efficient belt drive mechanism coupled with a high-precision Servo Motion Control System which allows quick sortation of SKUs at different levels of height and positions for hassle-free sortation. The existing conveying systems, such as conveyors, robots, manual transport, etc., can be smoothly allied with SortIE without hindering ongoing operations allowing ease in installation and integration.

When a business is growing rapidly and witnesses demand fluctuations, our high-speed Sorting robot – Zippy helps perform SKU wise intelligent sortation for quick order fulfillment. It works on the concept of obstacle detection enabled by ground marker and flexible working configuration, which can be modified at any time. Our Fleet Management System enables coordination among a fleet of robots that can perform over 30,000 sorts per hour, and drive SKUs/parcels towards destination chutes. Flexibility allows us to match demand fluctuations and optimize operations to make it cost efficient.

Conveyors play a crucial role in sortation within warehouses. They are used to transport items from one location to another within a facility, and are often used to move products to specific sortation areas where they can be sorted, scanned, and directed to the correct destination. Conveyors are particularly useful in warehouse environments that require high volumes of throughput and efficiency. They can handle a wide range of product sizes and weights, and can be configured to move products in a variety of directions.

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