Yard Management System (YMS)

Our YMS is an all-weather, rugged, tailor-made software solution that enables real-time location of assets outdoors or designated indoor spaces, with unmatched accuracy

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Yard Management System

Adapt, improve and scale

Superior Industrial IOT solution bridging the gap between physical and virtual domains


Easy Integration

Facilitates swift integration with any WMS, ERP system enhancing ease and universality of use


User Friendly

Dashboards with intuitive and user-friendly GUIs with high customization of features, improving monitoring quality


Asset Management

Improved control and management of assets enabled by complete visibility of assets in real time.


Data Tracking

Comprehensive data tracking on every asset present in the yard, including put-up and pick-up time, location, and on trucks, such as license plate, driver details, detention charges etc

Why should you pick YMS?

Gain 100% yard assets control with our YMS solution


Amplified productivity

With increased throughput, reduced labor requirement, and high turnover, YMS revs up your yard’s productivity


Easy order fulfilment

Allows easy distribution of complex yard operations thus accommodating swift order fulfillment even for large volume logistics


High Accuracy

Use of advanced software for yard asset management, eliminates the need for manual processes thus enabling high data integrity



Advanced YMS that excludes the need for people walking around for performing manual checks thus improving safety standards of your yard


Advance Analytics

It generates dashboards which provides KPIs that enable to have performance analysis


Space Utilization

High visibility enabled by YMS removes the need of additional truck movements and this efficient flow helps in elimination of drop zones

Turn your warehouse or factory into an adaptive production powerhouse


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Our Impact


Shoot in productivity with YMS deployment

Predictive Planning

Scheduling the flow of shipments results in higher efficiency


Sparking improved logistics management in several Fortune 500 companies


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