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Zippy - 25

Our ultra-fast moving Sorting Robot performs 100% accurate SKU level sortation up to 20,000 sorts/hour


Tech Specs

Speed & Performance

  • Payload Capacity: 25 kg
  • Rated operating speed : 2 m/s
  • Docking & Positioning accuracy: ±10 mm

Physical attributes

  • Dimensions: 588mm x 582mm x 800mm
  • Weight : 75
  • Attachment: Belt Conveyor
  • Turning Radius: 0
  • Battery endurance: 4 hours with 20 mins of charging (full load)



Fully Automatic Charging Solution

Power input (VAC): 220 V ± 10% , 50-60Hz Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 degrees
2.5C, fast charging

Zippy's Process - 1/3

Zippy reads the barcode of the load and relays the information to the Fleet Management System

Zippy's Process - 2/3

Fleet management system directs Zippy to follow the optimal path to avoid congested route to the destination chute

Zippy's Process - 3/3

Zippy follows the barcodes and drops the load into the destination chute

Built to be Flexible, Reliable and the Safest on Earth

High Throughput

Zippy sortation system gives 20,000 sorts/hour

Save space

Chutes require less space vis a vis conventional sortation systems


Addition or removal of Zippy robots as per demand surges


Predictable time consumption that facilitates easy scheduling


2 level sensor mechanism ensures zero damages

High Accuracy

Zippy offers 100% accurate sortation of parcels

Trailblaze into the future

With the latest robotics and automated systems. Drop-in your query & we will get back to you at the drop of a hat!

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