Our Voice-directed picking technology powered by indigenously developed electronic hardware, offers paperless and hands-free order fulfilment solution for smart warehouse, enhancing accuracy and productivity.



Tech Specs

Headset Specification

  • Corded: Yes
  • Speech Recognition: Zero loss of audio transmission
  • Noise Cancelling/ Air-shock resistant: Yes
  • Headset type: Mono-Headset


  • Scanner type: Wearable
  • Mobility: Lightweight
  • Bluetooth support: Up to 15m
  • Battery operation: 8 hours (fully charged)

Zesty's Process - 1/4

Upon activation, Zesty electronically gives verbal instructions to go to a specific location

Zesty's Process - 2/4

On reaching the location, operator should confirm the location code verbally

Zesty's Process - 3/4

Upon correct match, Zesty gives instructions to pick the required quantity

Zesty's Process - 4/4

Operator picks the required quantity and confirms it verbally

Zero-distraction smart picking

Regional Languages

Intelligent system that can understand up to 14 Indian languages including Hindi and English, assisting pickers of diverse demographics

Easy To Learn

Highly intuitive system with extremely simple instructions, cutting down the training time required for new operators to just 20 minutes

High Productivity

2X as fast as paper-based picking and 3X as fast as RF-based picking

Increased Accuracy

95% more accurate than paper-based picking and 25% more accurate than RF-based picking

Advance Analytics

Offers productivity reports as per zones and pickers in real time. Allows dynamic allocation of work orders and data driven decision making for warehouse operations

The voice of thriving industries

Boosts Efficiency

Surge in picking efficiency achieved for one of India’s most profitable companies


Enhanced Accuracy

Dynamic work optimization and robust analytics paving path for unprecedented operational accuracy


Choose Pick-by-Voice technology to get intense competitive advantage over your peers

Trailblaze into the future

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