Zippy 10

Our ultra-fast moving Sorting Robot, with a payload capacity of 10 kg, performs 100% accurate SKU level sortation up to 30,000 sorts/hour.

  • Payload (kg)10

  • Payload Dimensions (mm)400x300x200

  • Max. speed1.5 m/s

  • Run time (hours)4

Meeting Requirements like Yours

Zippy's high-speed sortation capabilities allow it to quickly and accurately sort items in a warehouse, reducing the need for manual labour and improving the speed of order fulfilment. Its advanced sensors and algorithms enable it to navigate through the warehouse autonomously, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

Zippy's automation capabilities enable it to efficiently sort and route returned items in a warehouse, reducing the need for manual labour and streamlining the reverse logistics process. By doing so, it helps reduce costs associated with handling returns and improves the customer experience by processing returns more quickly and accurately.

Zippy is an automated system that can be programmed to navigate predefined paths and carry out assigned tasks without human involvement. This feature can enhance operational efficiency by reducing time and effort required for material movement.

Tech Specifications

  • Turning Radius on the spot turning
  • Object Detection System ToF Laser Sensor
  • Navigation Ground Marker Based
  • Operational ModeAuto / Manual

  • Drive typeDifferential

  • Positioning Accuracy (mm)+/- 20

  • Precision Docking (mm)+/- 10

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