Designed to transport goods from one point to another quickly and efficiently, allowing for greater productivity and streamlined processes. Carton shuttles can help to organise products in the warehouse, making it easier for workers to locate and retrieve items as needed.

  • Max Payload (kg)30

  • Payload Dimensions (mm)600x400

  • Space Utilisation36 Totes/sq. m

  • 36 Totes/sq. m115 Totes/hour (for 30 m track)

Meeting Requirements like Yours

From optimising storage space to streamlining order picking, Quadron is a versatile solution for efficient warehousing operations.

Quadron is a system that helps optimise storage space by organising goods in a compact and efficient manner. It can be utilised to stack and store cartons in high-density storage systems, helping businesses to maximise their use of available space.

Quadron is a system that can be used to facilitate the order picking process by bringing goods to the pick stations. By reducing the time and effort required for order picking, businesses can increase their overall productivity. With Quadron, businesses can streamline their order picking process, improving their efficiency and reducing costs.

Quadron's sequencing feature allows businesses to program the shuttle system to transport and organise products in a specific order for storage or retrieval. This helps to reduce errors and increase efficiency in the logistics process. By simplifying the sequencing process, businesses can save time and reduce costs.

Tech Specifications

  • Product Dimensions (mm) 1300x900x310
  • Self-Weight (kg) 110
  • Safety Certifications CE
  • Max Speed (Empty)4 m/s

  • Max Speed (Loaded)4 m/s

  • Operating Temp.+5 to +45 degrees C

  • Power Supply220 V Single Phase AC

How Quadron Will Benefit You?

Case Studies

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