Addverb Technologies and Davinci Micro Fulfillment Announce Strategic Partnership Offering Brands and Retailers Expanded Shipping Operations Across North America

Addverb Technologies and Davinci Micro Fulfillment announced a strategic partnership to develop and grow micro-fulfillment facilities across North America by combining Addverb’s outstanding automation technology with Davinci’s experience in micro-fulfillment solutions. 

Addverb and Davinci also provide a service in which brands and retailers can use Addverb’s Quadron, Veloce, and Dynamo robots and software in their own facilities while utilizing Davinci’s micro-fulfillment centers for additional fulfillment to expand their service footprint and reduce capital expenditures. 

Micro-fulfillment centers (MFC) and central fulfillment centers (CFC) are transforming the thriving e-commerce industry,” said Mark Messina, CEO. “By combining Addverb’s fleet of automated robots with Davinci’s physical location network, we are powering a scalable network for brands and retailers to reach their customers with ultra-fast, precise shipping. Retailers are acutely aware of customer expectations regarding efficient order fulfillment.” 

How automation helped Marico increase warehouse production capacity

Marico collaborated with Addverb to know more about the manufacturing requirements and conducted substantial data mining with production and inventory data to build a green field plant along with an in-house warehouse. 

Addverb deployed material handling automated solutions such as ASRS, Mother-Child Shuttle system, Interflying packaging, and integration of all of these with the existing SAP and EWM. 

Overcoming the obstacles, Marico was able to increase output to 60000KL per year in a warehouse area, as well as improve their cosmetic products manufacturing and with the adoption of the ASRS, the complete storage facility can store 10300 pallets under 2300 square meters. With the mother and child operating at speeds of 3 m/s and 0.8 m/sec, respectively, the entire throughput of the system is 28 pallets per hour, allowing them to generate quicker packaging of the items while also increasing staff and material safety. 

Numina Group and Addverb Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand North American Warehouse Automation Solutions

Addverb Technologies has announced a strategic North American partnership agreement with Numina Group. The agreement expands the deployment of Addverb’s innovative mobile robots for automation solutions to North American warehouses and gives Numina Group customers access to added innovative technology applications for faster and smarter warehouse order fulfilment automation. 

Addverb Technologies supplies end-to-end automation solutions in warehouse operations to improve performance and accuracy through its fleet of automated robots, material handling technologies, in-house system integration services, and AI-powered software solutions. 

The two companies intend to create the Dynamo series of robots, which will collaborate with human order pickers to improve efficiency. Warehouses can double their productivity and accuracy by combining AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) such as Addverb’s Dynamo Series with software solutions such as Numina’s Real-Time Distribution Software (RTS), which uses voice commands to direct warehouse workers wearing mobile wearable computers and wireless headsets.

Addverb Technologies strengthens international leadership team

Addverb announced the appointments of Tapan Pattnayak as Director – System Architecture and Brajesh Jha as Head HR – International & Corporate for Global Operations. These appointments come in the backdrop of Addverb’s recent global expansion across US, Singapore, Europe and Australia markets. 

Tapan Pattnayak joined Addverb from Google as a seasoned product development specialist with extensive experience in designing and developing ICs, PCBs, Power Systems, signal processing, Hardware Design, Firmware, and connection. 

Brajesh Jha will be conceptualizing and leading the Human Resource strategies to support Addverb’s global growth. He has worked for global giants like Walmart Labs, General Electric (GE), and Infosys Technologies. 

Sangeet Kumar, our co-founder & CEO said that “Addverb is a people-centric company, and our objective is to be among the top five global robotic firms in the world. Brajesh and Tapan are valuable members of our team. With their experience and knowledge, they will assist us in delivering innovative and robust products while also fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.” 

Addverb Technologies to Open World’s Largest Robot Manufacturing Factory in India

Addverb has announced that we are establishing a manufacturing plant in Noida after getting $132 million in funding from Reliance Industries. With this facility, Addverb seeks to disrupt manufacturing technology in India by employing highly innovative production techniques in which “Human-Robot Collaboration” the robots of tomorrow. 

The new plant, which covers an area of 60,000 square meters, will provide highly skilled job opportunities as well as direct and indirect employment for over 3,000 people. This facility will be able to produce up to 60,000 robots per year. 

Sangeet Kumar, the CEO, said that “This brand-new facility will make Addverb a giant robot manufacturer on global fronts, by delivering cutting edge software and robust hardware systems, along with a mix of innovative fixed and flexible automation solutions.” 

Addverb Technologies appoints Pieter Feenstra as CEO of the EMEA region

Following the funding from Reliance, Addverb appointed Pieter Feenstra to strengthen the global expansion into US and Europe markets. Feenstra, a seasoned professional and an industry veteran, has an experience of around three decades, working with giants like Körber and Swisslog, and is now the CEO, Supply Chain – North America region at Addverb.

With an extensive experience in supply chain automation, alongside his strong aptitude for business growth and automation, he is well-equipped to grow the business for Addverb in EMEA.

Sangeet Kumar, the CEO, said that “We are excited and committed to leading warehouse innovation on a global scale. We are proud to welcome Pieter as CEO of the EMEA region. Under his leadership, we will serve our customers in the region in the right way. His thought leadership and rich experience will help us build a strong team.”

Feenstra will also represent Addverb at LogiMAT 2022, where some of our product ranges, including Zippy 10 (AGV), Quadron (shuttle), and Dynamo 200 (AMR), will be showcased.

Addverb Technologies announces expansion plans in the US

We are glad to announce our expansion in America and continuing our winning streak after establishing strong presence in India, Australia, Singapore and Europe. The onset of our US journey, opens up new opportunities to serve a huge base of consumers across a wide range of industries with smart end-to-end intralogistics automation solutions. The U.S. subsidiary office will be led by Mark Messina, CEO of Addverb Technologies USA, along with Luke Lee, Marketing Head of Americas.

How is “Unlimited Leave Policy” fairing for India Inc?

“Since its inception in 2016, Addverb Technologies has an ‘Open Leave System’ which is utilised by almost 100 percent of the employees and where there is no capping on the number of leaves that an employee can take.”

ETHRWorld recently covered this topic and shared Kanupriya‘s take on the effect of this system – successfully implemented in Addverb, and many more companies are working out the approach for the same. While some employers believe that it can lead to people taking more leaves or being too lenient with them, most of the new-generation companies believe that the policy allows people to take better responsibilities and accommodate their personal life more productively.


Reliance Acquires 54% Stake In Addverb Technologies For $132 Million

Our strategic partnership with Reliance, led by an investment of 132 million USD in our Series B round, will help us deliver more advanced and affordable robots. This association brings an opportunity to deploy our robots at scale in omni-channel distribution centers across different segments like e-commerce, retail, grocery, fashion, pharma, digital and petrochemical.

Sangeet Kumar, our co-founder and CEO, said that Addverb will continue to operate independently and will use the funds received from Reliance to expand business overseas as well as set up one of the biggest robotic manufacturing facilities in Noida, and is now valued at $270 million. 

The two companies also plan to collaborate on building 5G robotics and battery systems and harnessing carbon fiber to build affordable, advanced robots.

Mainstream AR/VR: Immersing ‘realities’ in industrial application

“The future of technology is converging, and industries are changing their perspective towards it. Going further, AR and VR will be complementary technologies, aiding in the aspects ranging from product development to inventory management and everything in between. The article elaborates on the impact of AR/VR in industrial settings, its use cases and how it can help the manufacturing sector grow while collaborating”. – Sangeet Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Addverb Technologies

The industrial impact of augmented reality and virtual reality in the process of product development to inventory management and everything in between is definitely going to open new pathways. 

This article elaborates on the above impact in industrial settings, its use cases and how it can help the manufacturing sector grow while collaborating.