Leading Robotics Company In Mumbai – Addverb

Anjali Choudhary

16th Jun, 2022

Airport baggage handling system

Addverb Technologies is global robotics and industrial automation company in Mumbai offering intra-logistics automation solutions to make the manufacturing and supply chain industry future-ready. Addverb has pioneered human-robot collaboration since its launch in 2016. Addverb takes a 4D approach comprising discover, design, deliver, and dedicated support for the digital transformation of material handling processes, improving safety, scalability, and flexibility.  

Addverb’s extensive product portfolio combines fixed and flexible automation and delivers innovative solutions. The company provides: 

  • Automated guided vehicles (AGVs). 
  • Autonomous mobile robots. 
  • Carton shuttles. 
  • Automated storage & retrieval systems. 
  • Pick-Put-To-Light. 
  • Pick-By-Voice. 
  • Pick-By-Vision. 
  • Warehouse management. 
  • Execution software. 
  • Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to streamline warehouse automation. 

Through the combination of our in-house manufactured hardware and powerful software, we have unlocked the actual potential of automated systems, allowing us to charge forward in the domain of robotics automation.  

Robotic systems enable the adoption of Goods-To-Person picking, which replaces the work of transferring and carrying large loads and eliminates travel and searching time, allowing for greater space utilization and increased efficiency. We want to make warehouses innovative, appealing, and technical marvels that can power the country’s future economic growth. Addverb has introduced various products to provide automation and robotics solutions for multiple industries, including e-commerce, health, aviation, retail, groceries, fashion, third-party logistics, pharmaceuticals, and auto components. Here are some of the products we have created thus far:  

Dynamo, a powerful autonomous mobile robot (AMR) powered by natural navigation, allows for efficient and smooth material movement.  

Quadron, our carton shuttle robot, quickly enables quicker picking, order sequencing, and order fulfilment, pushing storage efficiency to new heights.  

Decimator, our UV disinfectant mobile robot, is intended for interior use. Decimator emits beams in all directions, assuring a 99.99 percent death rate.  

Cruiser, our pallet shuttle robot, equipped with innovative electronic components, allows for vertical space utilization and promotes FIFO and LIFO operations for safer and faster pallet load movements.  

Multi-pro, our shuttle-based ASRS system can manage increased warehouse demands for intense material storage and handling.  

Warehouse automation can assist supply chain managers in overcoming the shortage problem. Furthermore, warehouse operations involve repetitive tasks such as inventory management, supply chain tracking, and high-risk jobs such as heavy equipment operations. Addverb can automate such processes to increase productivity, worker safety, sustainability, and reduce costs.  

At Addverb, we believe that companies have unique operational characteristics that need the development of innovative ways to handle the actual game, which can only be accomplished via the application of automation, particularly in warehouses. We have adapted to these changes throughout the years, and we believe that automation is on its way to making significant progress in the country’s supply chain business.  


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