Leading Robotics Company in Australia | Addverb

19th July, 2022

Leading Robotics Company in Australia- Addverb

Addverb is global robotics and industrial automation company in Australia that offers intralogistics operations and prepares businesses for the future. Addverb was founded in 2016 with the goal of assisting manufacturing companies in transitioning from traditional manufacturing methods to Industry 4.0 solutions, thereby unlocking enormous untapped potential and competing on a global scale.

Addverb uses a 4D approach to discovering the right automation for a customer’s problem, designing the solution and manufacturing the product, developing and executing the project, and providing dedicated after-sales support. To provide value to our customers, we customise and mix and match low-cost automation with high-end automation.

Our deep technical knowledge and robust processes add a new level of transparency and efficiency to supply chain automation in Australia. We have advanced in the field of robotics automation by unlocking the full potential of automated systems by fusing our own hardware production with potent software. With its extensive product line, Addverb offers both fixed and flexible automation, as well as innovative solutions. Addverb offers AGVs, Autonomous mobile robots, Carton shuttles, ASRS, Pick-Put-To-Light, Pick-By-Voice, Warehouse Management and Execution Software, FMS, and Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to simplify warehouse automation and increase productivity, safety, and accuracy.

Robotic systems enable “Goods-to-Person” picking, which eliminates the need for travel and searching time while also combining the tasks of moving and carrying heavy items into a single task. This results in improved space utilisation and increased output. We hope to build technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing warehouses that will help the country’s economic development in the future. Addverb has developed several technologies to provide automation and robotics solutions to a wide range of industries, including hospitals, e-commerce, aviation, retail, grocery, third-party logistics, pharmaceuticals, auto components, and many more. Here are some of the products range we’ve created so far:


Dynamo is a capable AMR that uses natural navigation to transport materials in an efficient and smooth manner.


Quadron, our carton shuttle robot, immediately speeds up order sequencing, fulfilment, and picking, pushing storage efficiency to new heights.


Zippy ,our ultra-fast moving Sorting Robot performs 100% accurate SKU level sortation at speeds of up to 20,000 sorts per hour.


Rapido, our Pick-To-Light system, which is powered by our own electronic hardware and in-house software, enables high-speed order fulfilment operations with best-in-class picking rates and productivity.


Cruiser, our pallet shuttle robot, promotes FIFO and LIFO operations for safer and faster pallet load moves, and it is outfitted with innovative electronic components that allow for vertical space efficiency.


Decimator, our mobile UV disinfecting robot, is intended for indoor use. Decimators emits beams in all directions, ensuring a 99.99 percent mortality rate.


Multi-Pro, our shuttle-based ASRS system can handle increased warehouse needs for intensive material handling and storage.

Supply chain managers can employ warehouse automation to help them deal with the shortage issue. Additionally, warehouse operations involve risky tasks like operating heavy equipment and repetitious tasks like inventory management and supply chain tracking. Such a process can be automated with Addverb to boost output, improve worker security, promote sustainability, and cut expenses.

At Addverb, we think that businesses have operational needs that need the creation of innovative solutions to handle the actual game. This can only be done by using automation, especially in warehouses. We have adapted to these changes throughout the years, and we think automation is about to make a big impact on the nation’s supply chain industry.

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