Hospitals and healthcare demand the highest level of service quality with no room for errors to serve patients. Advanced automation solutions help hospitals to protect their healthcare staff and provide a healing touch to their patients.

Asset Tracking

Bluetooth & Ultra-Wide Beacons can be used to guide visitors during their visit in the hospital, track critical assets like hospital beds and wheelchairs based on their locational and also play a critical role in maintaining effective social distancing, by tracking people – both patients & staff.

Material Movement

Dynamo, our Mobile robot enables contactless movement of materials like Drugs, Blood Samples, Imaging Documents, Surgical materials, Linen – bedsheet, uniform and food to the patient thereby helping the healthcare staff to focus more on the health and well-being of the patients.

Laboratory Automation

Hospitals deal with 1000s of samples in a day which are needed to be transferred from one analytics machine to another, causing a possibility of error. Our intelligent automation can enable the sample to talk to the machine and tracks it at every stage of its handling.


“Dynamo” our material handling robot that helps in carrying loads of up to 200Kg in a controlled environment safely transport all types of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments.

This works on Natural Navigation and is equipped with a 2-stage obstacle sensor system that prevents any collision. With the evolution of advanced navigation systems & enhanced safety features mobile robots are only a step away to become human allies in our everyday activities. Mobile Robotics systems allow the implementation of products to person picking thereby replacing the task of moving and lifting heavy load and eliminating travel and searching time, enabling better utilization of space and achieving higher efficiency.

Mobile robots are capable of locomotion, they move around their environment and aren’t fixed to at least one physical location. Let’s check out a couple of its benefits:

Safety: Ultrasonic sensors and computer vision provide optimum safety within the working area.

Scheduling – due to their predictable time consumption, gives boost to scheduling capabilities and therefore the efficiency of operations.

Scalability: More no. of mobile robots are often added to expand capacity and throughput to satisfy future demand.

Flexible: It are often easily redeployed consistent with layout changes as per production and handling needs evolves.

Fully Automatic: Mobile robots safely transport all types of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments.

Space utilization: Our mobile robot has multi-directional movement reduces aisle traffic.

Reduced Damage: Collision avoidance capabilities restricts from damage within the power.

Efficiency: Enhanced efficiency through fully automated processes


UV disinfection

Dynamo, our mobile robot equipped with UV lights mounted on top helps in disinfecting hospital rooms and other premises by killing the viruses such as SARS-Cov-2. Dynamo can work without supervision around the clock thereby increasing the utilization and creating a safe and healthy environment.