Decimator, our UV disinfectant mobile robot is designed for indoors disinfection. Decimator emits rays in all 360 degrees ensuring a kill rate of 99.99 %.

UV Tunnel

UV tunnel automation allows to sterilize packaging containers inside and outside helps to inactivate microorganisms. The treated packaging leaves the tunnel clean and aseptic, totally prepared for filling process

Trolleys Tracking

By tracking the real time location of Trolleys etc inside the airport using fixed and mobile beacons helps to improve the availability and inventory management by eliminating manual searching process


The outbreak of viruses has necessitated sanitization and minimal touch points before entry & exit of the passengers at the airport. From the trolleys to the plane, we provide automation solutions to sanitize every touch point inside the airport.


Automated cargo handling and sortation within the domain of airports not only speeds up the operations and performance efficiency but also provides a good platform for perfect co-ordination of complex time-critical processes involved in air travel.