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Addverb is the leading company for intralogistics automation solutions. We use our deep technical insight and rich operational because we want you to experience integrating Operational Technology & Information Technology to design and implement best-in-class automation solutions. Contact us to know more about semi automated dense racking solution.

About Addverb

You can contact us to witness our products incorporate the latest technologies and vastly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the intralogistics operations.

With our innovative products and solutions, we facilitate our customers to embrace Industry 4.0.

We intend to disrupt the way warehouses operate in world by providing intelligent solutions which offer quick returns on investment.


We have an end-to-end product portfolio that helps in complete automation of warehouse. They are highly reliable, robust and use best-in-class technology.

Our capability to design solutions for customers is unmatched and our product portfolio helps us to build best solutions. Connect with us to know more about semi automated dense racking solution.

Moreover, since we design, develop & deploy our own products, it is easier to incorporate any change for us as per the need of the customer, during the project implementation as well. Connect with us to know more.

Currently, we have a belt of solutions divided into the category of Robotics, Picking, ASRS and Software which covers the entire range of automation.


We believe our culture of success lies within our values.

Our six-fold values including integrity and passion towards the work, courage and innovation to welcome new ideas to the table.

Lastly, customer success and people connect to always build a synergy with our customers,

In conclusion, we are putting all the efforts is the secret sauce of our business and our fundamental blocks.


As a testament of our capability and to support our growth, Addverb is coming up with its new state of the art manufacturing facility where Robots will make Robots.

Also, we have been able to hire a diverse group of professionals and have created a strong multi-disciplinary team.

With our world class team and best practices, we are leading our way to extend our feet over the globe. Connect with us to know more.


“Dynamo” our material handling robot that helps in carrying loads of up to 200Kg in a controlled environment safely transport all types of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments.

This works on Natural Navigation and is equipped with a 2-stage obstacle sensor system that prevents any collision. With the evolution of advanced navigation systems & enhanced safety features mobile robots are only a step away to become human allies in our everyday activities. Mobile Robotics systems allow the implementation of products to person picking thereby replacing the task of moving and lifting heavy load and eliminating travel and searching time, enabling better utilization of space and achieving higher efficiency.

Mobile robots are capable of locomotion, they move around their environment and aren’t fixed to at least one physical location. Let’s check out a couple of its benefits:

Safety: Ultrasonic sensors and computer vision provide optimum safety within the working area.

Scheduling – due to their predictable time consumption, gives boost to scheduling capabilities and therefore the efficiency of operations.

Scalability: More no. of mobile robots are often added to expand capacity and throughput to satisfy future demand.

Flexible: It are often easily redeployed consistent with layout changes as per production and handling needs evolves.

Fully Automatic: Mobile robots safely transport all types of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments.

Space utilization: Our mobile robot has multi-directional movement reduces aisle traffic.

Reduced Damage: Collision avoidance capabilities restricts from damage within the power.

Efficiency: Enhanced efficiency through fully automated processes


3rd Party Logistics

3PL, an integrated warehouse-driven domain, will reap massive benefits by implementing automation such as omnichannel fulfillment, timely and accurate deliveries, and precise packaging.