Automated solutions in fashion product logistics weatherproof the business from market volatility, fluctuating demands, and unpredictable fashion trends, by building a dynamic supply chain model.

Fashion warehouse automation

Why choose Addverb for Fashion warehouse automation?

We are at the forefront of reimagining fashion supply chain logistics via robust AI and automation, bridging the critical gaps within the system such as long and inefficient supply processes, concept-to-market lag, and slow response to fast-changing trends.


Fashion Seasonal demand and sortation

Fashion is a highly volatile domain thus accurate demand forecasting is a must for enhancing operational efficiency. Critical challenges of understocking, overstocking, and obsolescence can be managed effectively with AI-based demand forecasting.


Fashion Inventory Management

Automating an inventory management process eliminates oversight of goods both during receiving and shipping, guides the picker to the optimized pick path and at the same time lends itself very well to dynamic inventory tracking, thus delivering competitive advantage over your peers.


Fashion Returns handling

Returns create double logistics costs, zero turnover, and customer dissatisfaction. AI-driven solutions enable swift delivery of returned items and higher storage density, that are proven to redress the pain of handling returns.


Fashion Order fulfilment

The complex challenges of omni-channel order fulfilment, fluctuations in demand and merchandise, along with chronic labor shortage are making automation indispensable to achieve swift and accurate order fulfilment.

Our Impact

Increased Efficiency

for one of our FMCG customer with the help of Dynamo



Picking Accuracy

in product picking operations with minimal human intervention


an ultra-fast and intelligent sortation system, with a staggering 20,000 picks/hour


Trailblaze into the future

With the latest robotics and automated systems. Drop-in your query & we will get back to you at the drop of a hat!

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