Auto Components

Automation of automotive components logistics processes delivers multiple benefits to growth in terms of minimal human intervention; combined with savings in labour cost, improvement of accuracy, and cumulative savings in energy consumption.

Auto Components Supply Chain Automation

Why choose Addverb for auto components supply chain automation?

We are at the forefront of transforming automotive components supply chain logistics through smart automation, augmenting critical industrial parameters such as warehouse productivity and safety, while simultaneously reducing errors and waste


Optimizing kitting operations

Manual pick and place assembly currently adopted in many kitting operations are prone to damage and loss of productivity.  Automation of kitting operations will not only eliminate kitting defects but also bring down the total process cycle time and overall kitting costs


Storage and Retrieval

Automation of storage and retrieval unlocks potential for seamless linking of warehouse assets with spare parts inventory to deliver optimal utilization of warehouse space, making ASRS an essential requirement of a smart auto component warehouse


Material Transfer

Cutting edge automation of material handling and conveying in an automotive component industry will result in a safe and ergonomic environment to deliver speed, accuracy and an optimized material flow.

Our Impact

Increased efficiency

Significant increase in material transfer efficiency observed with deployment of Dynamo


Dynamic Planning

Our robust software solutions helped companies thrive in a competitive market by decreasing cost, improving delivery time, and enhancing supply chain productivity

Operating accuracy

A whopping 100% picking accuracy and optimization of order fulfilment operations achieved through our picking solutions

Trailblaze into the future

With the latest robotics and automated systems. Drop-in your query & we will get back to you at the drop of a hat!

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