Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers are trusted by customers from different industries to efficiently manage their supply chain in a cost-effective manner. Changing customer expectations, increasing complexity of global supply chains, emerging trends like omnichannel retail, and managing inventory and labour, makes it more difficult for 3PL players to build solutions that can be deployed across industries for different customers. Automation and digitalization exponentially increase revenue generated per square foot of logistics space. We leverage technology to provide innovative flexible automation solutions for all kinds of industry use cases, that add value to the customer’s distribution process and help you reduce your cost and accelerate your ROI.

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Industry challenges

With surged demands and seasonal shifts, the 3PL industry requires a lot of flexibility and scalability. Some of the most faced challenges are:

Customised Automation Solutions to meet your Customers’ Needs

Why you should choose Addverb for 3PL?

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Automation is required in 3PL industry warehouses for streamlining logistics operations, reducing order processing time and increasing accuracy. Read our case study to understand innovative solutions offered by Addverb

Products for 3PL

Our extensive product portfolio helps us design customised solutions for varying industry requirements.

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