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As labour becomes scarce and payloads for intralogistics transport increase, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) become more relevant for their capability to transport material with ease, safety and flexibility. Powered by natural navigation through SLAM algorithms and advanced sensors, Addverb’s AMRs are guided by our Fleet Management System (FMS), can detect obstacles, and navigate around them on the move. Our AMRs can handle a variety of payloads, and can be modified for different applications like picking, tugging, tunnelling, etc., for your industry needs.

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The predecessors of AMRs but equally relevant for their efficiency in repetitive activities with simpler algorithms are robots guided by minimal installations like rail and ground markers, maybe the automation solution for boosting your operations. Varying from robot to robot, our AGVs are equipped with safety sensors, emergency stop buttons, and other safety mechanisms for uninterrupted process efficiency with safe operations.

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The basic automation of every warehouse - conveyors, if not done correctly can become a hindrance to your scaling operations. An automation solutions provider, who understands and provides all kinds of automation from AMRs, AGVs, ASRS systems, etc. can know how to best integrate conveyors into your automation systems, without limiting the ability to scale your operations in future or incorporate layout changes for your business needs.

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