A leading logistics and warehousing company sought an intralogistics solution to optimize its warehouse operations. Extensive research concluded that their process needed redesigning to efficiently manage crossflow and break pack operations. As a 3PL player, cost efficiency was vital, and automation was identified as a solution to cut down costs.

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The objectives of the automation project for the DC can be broken down into three major parts i.e., implementing a Put-To-Light system, a Print and Apply system, and a Case sorting module. They wanted to optimize the material flow and streamline the sorting process for break-pack items (items that had to be picked by opening the case), as well as to achieve the throughput requirements. By implementing the Pick-by-Light system, the DC could automate demand handling from both shelving and racking and sort units to crates for stores. Another ask was for a smart conveyor system to transport crates to weight, print and apply stations where handling labels could be applied. Through automation, they wanted to perform store-wise sorting and streamline cases and crates to pallets for ease of loading and delivery. This would help them save major operational and logistics cost to cater to a wider market.  


The comprehensive approach to optimizing the material flow through the warehouse and streamlining the sorting process for break-pack items was involved in the solution. The right SKU mix was identified and a process utilizing batch picking and Put-To-Light (Rapido) based sortation was developed in close collaboration with the customer. Multiple put walls enabled with PTLs were designed, and dynamically allocated to different categories like Food and Non-Food. To simplify operations, a network of smart conveyors was established to transport crates, reducing picker travel time. The solution also included dynamic mapping of the store for sorting operations, with zoning and sub-zoning created to allow for greater flexibility. Features like ease of integration, multi-coloured lights, and easy installation were provided by Pick-to-lights, making it a comprehensive solution for optimizing warehouse operations. To conclude, our configured warehouse control system ensured accuracy and provided real-time data for the smooth management of all tasks. 

Improvement in Key Results (KPIs)

The comprehensive solution developed, which involved utilizing batch picking and Put-To-Light sortation, and establishing a network of smart conveyors, saved significant operational and logistics costs and time while streamlining sorting processes. 


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