Delhi: New robotic tech for ultrasound with doctor at arm’s length

Published by :Times of India

14th Aug 2021

Telerobotics solution by Addverb

an ultrasound imaging be done from a remote location? A research collaboration between IIT Delhi and AIIMS New Delhi has made this a reality with their new jointly developed Telerobotic Ultrasound System. The research team at IIT Delhi was led by Prof. Chetan Arora and Prof. Subir Kumar Saha, while Dr. Chandrashekhara was responsible from AIIMS. Mr. Suvayan Nandi was the lead contributor from Addverb Technologies.

The other research team members include Mr Deepak Raina (PMRF Research Scholar, IIT Delhi); Dr. Krithika Rangarajan, Dr. Ayushi Agarwal, (AIIMS, New Delhi); and Hardeep Singh (Addverb).

The system allows remote ultrasound access through a robotic arm. In the routine ultrasound setting, the doctor (Radiologist) stands in close contact with the patient for the entire scan duration. However, cross-sectional imaging is preferred instead in the current pandemic scenario with stringent social distancing requirements – a more expensive and less dynamic technique. Ultrasonography is a non-invasive, non-ionizing, cost-effective, rapid, bedside, and readily available modality with immense use in point-of-care and follow-up examinations.

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