The DeepTech Effect in Manufacturing

Published by :Dataquest

22nd Dec 2021

Deeptech in manufacturing industries

Manufacturing industry has challenges such as time taken on the shop floor and product quality. Deep Technology, aka Deeptech, can play a big role in this, and can help in business continuity and here’s how the conversation went between Addverb and DQIndia

Manish Jha, CIO, Addverb Technologies said they are building the manufacturing education system (MES) that controls the planning the shop floor. Manufacturing industry has challenges such as time taken on shop floor and product quality. We have to meet the challenges and deliver products. We applied deeptech into MES. We are optimizing the resources. We know when and where to do quality checks. We control product quality. We can find out which resources are efficient. We are also applying deeptech in supply chain and material movement in warehouses. We ensure the supply chain is efficient for the next step forward.

Deeptech can play a role in business continuity. We were able to trace supply chain problems. We can predict output of the factory using the supply chain data available, without coming to the office.”

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