Is Sorting Robot the Sortation solution for businesses today?

Anjali Choudhary

21st Feb, 2020

Sortation solution

Have you ever imagined a warehouse in the form of a video game consisting of an army of speed cars rushing their way off on the raging roads? You probably won’t have, but automation has turned this imagination into reality. In recent years, Sorting Robot has emerged as one of the finest sortation solution so far in the automation and distribution space. Industries that have a short delivery cycle and a high volume of delivery, should follow this new trend to optimize their operational efficiency. This will help them to remain competitive in the fast-paced environment where transactions happen over a click of the button on a tab. The sorting robot system has gained high acceptance in the logistics industry, transformed from a labour-intensive industry to batch intelligence.

Currently, the Indian ecommerce industry is valued at $200 Bn and is expected to grow to $1.2 Tn by 2021 as per Deloitte India and Retailers Association of India (RAI) report. At this pace, it would amount to one lac deliveries per day for an average logistics or e-commerce warehouse. This huge demand requires a unique solution and sorting robot is one such gem. Now, Let’s delve deeper into its functioning.

How does it work?
As already mentioned, sorting robots is an army of fast-moving robots working on collision avoidance technology, that perform route wise sorting operations by reading the bar codes around the area where they operate. The process is completely automated, ensures safety, efficiency and accuracy. The operators place the parcel on the automated sorting robot, it carries the parcel through the portal frame and read the order information. It automatically weighs the parcel as well and displays all the necessary information on the operator interface system. Fleet management system manages this army of robots in coordination with one another and manages all the control and scheduling. Each robot is deployed on the most optimized path for delivery based on the algorithm used. These robots use the auto-detection of obstacles to mutually dodge each other during the sorting operation. When the sorting robot reaches its destination, it stops running and pushes the parcel on its back into a sorting bin (chute). The parcel falls into the sorting bin and thus the sorting operation comes to an end. There can be multiple sorting bins as per the volume of operation.

Earlier, it used to be 450 parcels per hour by operating it through complete human labour. But by adding sorting robots to the system, it has revolutionised to sortation of 20000 parcels per hour along with greater accuracy. Following are some added benefits of this sortation solution:

• Continuous loading & unloading of parcels increases cycles/hour in inventory function, hence eliminating errors and increase in productivity.
• There is no need of an operator inside the storage lanes, it permits a rapid execution of sorting operation which saves a lot of time. Hypothetically, the total amount of calculations completed by this automated system in ten minutes is equivalent to the daily take-off and landing operations at an International airport.
• The sorting robot system is fully automatic as it reduces the manual dependency and manual errors to 80% of traditional sorting work.
• With lesser human dependency, this automated sortation solution ensures the safety of operation.
• The system is completely flexible and the increase in operations volume can be handled by simply increasing or decreasing the number of bots in an existing setup.
• The installation time comes drastically down as compared to a conventional sortation system.

Deploying sorting robots reduce the need of manual operations to be dedicated to sorting. Today automation is seeping into many industries and, sorting is one of the major tasks at hand. By harnessing this technology, the sorting operation can become a lot more efficient and effective at the same time. There are various sorting robots available in the market today which enables your sortation process accurate and automated. Addverb Technologies is one such solution provider whose sorting robots work on an efficiency rate of 20000 picks per hour. Reach out to us on https://www.addverb.in to know how sorting robots can benefit your warehouse.

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