Reliance Acquires 54% Stake In Addverb Technologies For $132 Million

Our strategic partnership with Reliance, led by an investment of 132 million USD in our Series B round, will help us deliver more advanced and affordable robots. This association brings an opportunity to deploy our robots at scale in omni-channel distribution centers across different segments like e-commerce, retail, grocery, fashion, pharma, digital and petrochemical.

Sangeet Kumar, our co-founder and CEO, said that Addverb will continue to operate independently and will use the funds received from Reliance to expand business overseas as well as set up one of the biggest robotic manufacturing facilities in Noida.

Mainstream AR/VR: Immersing ‘realities’ in industrial application

The industrial impact of augmented reality and virtual reality in the process of product development to inventory management and everything in between is definitely going to open new pathways.

This article elaborates on the above impact in industrial settings, its use cases and how it can help the manufacturing sector grow while collaborating.

Key technology trends to shape 2022 and beyond

Technology, innovation and digital adoption is the future of manufacturing. Though COVID-19 is pushing the progress of the manufacturing sector to a great extent, the industry is now working to adapt and introduce tech innovations so that there is minimum resource wastage and maximum gains through the creation of world-class products.

In this article are the key technology trends that will shape the manufacturing sector in 2022.

Are companies really serious about addressing mental health concerns?

As the world is navigating through the different waves of the pandemic, employees are struggling with anxiety, depression, burnout, etc. But the bigger challenge for organisations is not just deploying mental health initiatives but also addressing them and creating a safe haven for employees to break the mental health stigma.

Cobots are safe to work with!

Cobots, aka collaborative robots, can function in work previously occupied only by their human counterparts. Recently, smart features that make cobots safe around humans is proving useful in warehouses, in multiple industries. In fact, these robots are equipped with safety sensors and intelligent software, ensuring a safe human-robot collaboration.

Not only safe, but also efficient ! Cobots are used for a large number of various applications where speed, high-precision, accuracy or careful handling are required.

How this tech company plans to achieve 50% women workforce, that too on shop floor

After accelerating its global expansion, robotics manufacturing company Addverb Technologies is all set to achieve a new milestone: Attain gender equality on its shop floor.

But this doesn’t come without hurdles!

Most of the employees Addverb hired have a Bachelor or Diploma in Engineering. For office or desk jobs and even in R&D, the company doesn’t face many challenges in onboarding female employees.

Addverb Technologies appoints Sylvain Auvray as Chief Design Officer, Phillip Gollan as Chief Service Officer

Robotics firm Addverb Technologies on Wednesday announced the appointment of Sylvain Auvray as Chief Design Officer for Singapore and Phillip Gollan as Chief Service Officer for its global operations.

These hires come in the backdrop of Addverb’s recent expansion in global markets of Singapore, Europe and Australia. The move is influenced by an increase in demand for its solution will surge, according to a statement.
Auvray has more than 25 years of experience and has served as a leader in global industrial machine making companies like Serac Group and Sidel. He has expertise in product development, supplier development, planning, designing, and localization of products.

Addverb to expand robots manufacturing by 10 times in next financial year

Robotics and automation firm Addverb plans to expand its robot manufacturing unit in India to boost its output by around 10 times in the next financial year, a senior company official said. The company has announced the start of international operations in Singapore, Australia, Europe and is looking to start operations in the US before the end of the ongoing calendar year.

“Addverb is looking to expand its manufacturing capability and is looking to create the world’s largest robot manufacturing facility in India which will expand Addverb’s capabilities by almost 10 times by next financial year,” Addverb Technology CEO Sangeet Kumar told PTI.

The company has a manufacturing unit in Noida which was inaugurated in March with capacity to manufacture more than 50,000 robots of varied types in a year.