Ecommerce micro fulfilment solution

Ecommerce: Micro-Fulfilment Center

This solution is designed for a global multinational entering grocery ecommerce space



To fulfil the increased demand of 2000 orders/day, as a result of surge in online grocery shopping



To meet the speedy order fulfilment, reduction of picking time was very important which was currently 60 minutes



Reduction in the last mile delivery cost to optimize the operations of this segment

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Addverb is all about finding valuable patterns


As it was a greenfield project, we understood the business requirement of the customer by visiting their existing warehouses and understanding the nuances of the operations. The customer was struggling with timely delivery and last mile challenges as cities are getting congested due to traffic and the warehouse was situated outside the city.

Through our extensive research, we came up with the concept of Micro fulfilment center, which can disrupt the entire business model of e-grocery. In the discovery phase of our journey, we identified that the main objective of the project was to minimize the last mile delivery cost and stock most & relevant SKUs in the MFC, helping the customer to ship goods faster from locations where demand has increased substantially.

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Solution Design_MFC

We partnered with the customer to get a deep understanding of their consumers’ tastes & preferences, also the relevance of the stock as per the demand and thereby the SKU mix. Basis this research, we recommended them the novel idea of going with the MFC concept to achieve the above objectives. We designed a customised solution such that these Micro Fulfilment Centres leverage advanced Goods-To-Person technologies such as our Dynamo, our Autonomous Mobile Robots & Quadron, our carton shuttle along with the web of smart conveyors to ensure efficient, accurate and superfast order picking and storage, there by achieving 99.99% of the deliveries on time in-full.

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Carton storage solution

The project included the installation of telescopic conveyors, Dynamo (our Autonomous Mobile Robot), Quadron (Our Carton shuttle for storage & retrieval) and Box-it (our our material picking & packing station) powered by our Optimus (WMS). For the MFC, material Inbound at warehouse was piped via smart telescopic conveyors to Box-it, where the crates are labelled to be stocked in the destined aisles. From here ‘Dynamo Mover’ transfer these crates to another system of conveyor from where it goes to the ASRS system powered by Quadron, which automatically stores & retrieves the crates as orchestrated by Optimus, our WMS software. Again, these retrieved crates go to the packing station, via the web of smart conveyors, and order fulfilment happens by the pickers. The order crates are then packed, labelled and dispatched via the outbound conveyors to reach their final destination.

The modular feature of our shuttle system, and the mobile robots resulted in low upfront capex and their plug and play nature made the system to be up within 4 months.

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Dedicated Support

Customer Support

Dedicated support_MFC

We were there to handhold the customer and provide initial support during the go-live and ramp up. Extensive documentation including products manuals and support documents were provided to the customer capturing all the process in detail along with video instructions on how to perform various operations on the equipment. Critical Spare parts were provided on site to the customer and a dedicated 24*7 support was provided in the ramp up period with qualified engineers to help in the warehouse operations. Also, regular remote support for the customer was provided after the ramp up and after our engineers left the site of operation.

Mini-Distribution Centre housed in a small area, made even hourly order fulfilment of 95 orders/hour an easy achievement

With the micro-fulfilment centers that we created, it cuts the picking time down to about six minutes

By squeezing warehouses into dense urban areas, the cost of last-mile delivery got reduced, by cutting down the distance to customers

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