semi automated dense racking solution

Automated Warehouse


The company is a beverage manufacturer




To utilize the height of the warehouse to increase existing storage space



To increase the throughput of the warehouse in order to cater to the seasonal demand.



To implement FIFO (First-In-First-Out) effectively to cater to the business process requirement

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Discovering the process

Before implementing the solution, we tried to understand the complexities of the Beverage industry in India and undertook deep industry research. One of the bottlenecks for the aerated beverage industry in India is to cater to the extremely high demand created in the Summer season.

As the number of SKUs were low and the dispatch load was palletized, it is easy to implement FIFO for the customer. The pallets were stored on the ground floor for easy access and to maintain high throughput requirements. Though conventional racking would have allowed to utilize the height of the warehouse, it would have resulted in a loss of space due to multiple aisle requirements to store and access pallets at height and would have also resulted in a loss of throughput.

The existing system could not cater to peak summer demand. Hence, we devised a solution to utilize the height of the warehouse while removing the capacity constraints without affecting the throughput of the operation and maintain the FIFO requirement.

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Process Design_Addverb

We partnered with the customer to understand the customer storage and dispatch patterns by analyzing the production and dispatch data for the past one year. We observed the layout of the warehouse and the flow of material from production to dispatch to design a smooth material flow. The height of the warehouse was 12m and it was imperative to use the height to increase the storage capacity within the existing space.

Since the number of product SKUs were low and dispatch quantity per SKU was high, we identified Cruiser, our pallet shuttle robot to be the best-suited solution for this process. With the help of our solution engineering team, we designed a new layout for their Distribution Centre utilizing the height of the warehouse, 3000+ Pallet positions were created, which were 200% more than the number of pallets that could be stored earlier.  With the help of dense racking, we were able to accommodate 2.84 Pallets/Sq. m vis-a-vis 1 Pallet/Sq. m earlier

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Beverage Automation Delivered

With the help of a world-class In-House manufacturing facility, we were able to deliver the project in record time. With the use of sophisticated machines like VMC and CNC etc., the design of the Cruiser was brought to life by qualified professionals. Post the assembly and quality checks, Cruiser was delivered to the customer’s site, enabled with all the safety features and an android app to control and monitor the operations. As it was a plug and play deployment, Cruiser was installed in a day on the site. Our multidisciplinary team of qualified engineers was deployed to ensure the throughput target.

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Dedicated Support

Customer support

Support team_Addverb

We handhold the customer by providing with all the training and relevant documentation and also provided initial support during the go-live and ramp-up. We firmly believe in forming relationships and a skilled professional was always present from Addverb for routine maintenance at regular intervals. We feel a sense of pride to see how Cruiser now helps the customer delivering happiness yearlong in a more efficient manner. Also, regular remote support for the customer was provided after the ramp-up and even when we left the site of operation.


Our Impact


more storage space utilization

Cruiser_Pallet Shuttle Addverb

Automated storage by using dense racking solutions organized the way they store.

Increased speed of storage and retrieval

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