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Food & Beverage

It is a UK based food processing company. They have a wide variety of Indian and other snack products and a challenge to store all of that.



To cater to the demand surges and to always ensure 100% shelf-stock availability



To meet the speedy order fulfilment of 14 pallets per week for Consumption purpose and 112 pallets per week for storage



Create synchronization between the speed of production and storage to fulfil orders efficiently

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Addverb is all about finding valuable patterns


As it was a greenfield project, we understood the business requirement of the customer by visiting their existing warehouses and understanding the nuances of the operations. The Pallets were stored on the ground and all the storage and retrieval operation was carried out manually which resulted in lack of synchronization between the speed of production and storage which eventually lead to non-fulfilment of orders on time. With some products moving faster or slower than others do, we also analysed the data of picking, dispatch and the SKUs being handled to identify critical patterns in their operations. Also, as the primary packaging of the snacks are air filled, it takes more volume of space to store them.

Through our extensive research and benchmarking about other organized F&B warehouses, we inferred that the material flow from the factory to this plant has to be designed in such a way that the warehouse can manage the entire order fulfilment operation with accuracy as well as the inventory storage & retrieval operations in an efficient manner.

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We first finalized the flow of the material through the warehouse. Also, we partnered with the customer to get a deep understanding of their consumers’ tastes & preferences, thereby the SKU mix. Basis this research, we recommended them a combination of high-density pallet storage and retrieval along with a robotic material handling system to store the inventory and automate the whole process by using our Warehouse Control System and Warehouse Management system

The solution was finalized as a process where Dense racking solution with a Mother child ASRS will utilize the complete height of the warehouse. This solution was designed in such a way to use the cubic space of the warehouse and manage the rising inventory level

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The project included the installation 4 Mother-child shuttles, 47 Pallet conveyors, 4 AMRs with 1 ton capacity along with the racking structure and 2 vertical lifts powered by our Optimus (WMS). Aided by world-class manufacturing facility, we were able to manufacture and supply all the automation equipment in a record time. A multi-disciplinary team of qualified engineers were deployed on the site to ensure fast installation and quick ramp up. We provided the customer with the best in class design, supply, installation, training, debugging, startup, and support of the interfaces with their WMS.

Short handling time maximized the freshness and shelf-life of the goods

70 pallets/hour

As throughput of the solution, even with daily or seasonal business fluctuations

Optimised tracking of goods

keeping the consideration for FEFO (First Expired, First Out)

Trailblaze into the future

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