ASRS casestudy for FMCG businesses by Addverb

Marico Limited

A leading consumer goods company in India enabled to store increased production of 60000KL pa in a warehouse space with the help of intralogistics automation solution



To store more finished goods and packing material in the existing space.



Increase and maintain the production capacity of personal care products.



To meet the future production and storage expansion needs.

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The customer intends to increase the production capacity of hair oil, gel, and moisturizers. So, they came up with a green field plant with a captive warehouse. We observed the existing order fulfilment process and also conducted structured interviews with top executives, retailers and operations team to understand the business requirement in detail. The complexities were extremely high when handling the whole operation manually, hence automating the entire process was taken into consideration. Also, the existing process lacked agility and flexibility to cater to increased production and demand numbers.

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Solution Design

We partnered with the customer to understand the production requirement and did extensive data mining with the production & inventory data. This helped us to understand the warehouse storage & retrieval system requirement for different finished goods & packing materials such as empty bottles, caps, labels, pallets etc and an insight into the throughput requirement. With the help of this data, we simulated different scenarios on our design to arrive at the right technology mix. We created a design that would result in maximum utilization of the warehouse space. Looking at the throughput requirement we suggested a “Goods-To-Person Automation” system as the backbone of the entire fulfilment operation. Following technology mix was selected to meet the requirements:

  • Crane based ASRS
  • Mother-child warehouse shuttle system
  • End of line packing and the integration of these systems with the existing SAP EWM module.
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Delivering Solutions

With a world class in-house manufacturing facility and modular design, we were able to manufacture and supply the entire automation equipment in a record time. With the help of a cross functional team of 30+ Engineers, installation and commissioning of the entire project was done. The direct integration between the SAP EWM & PLC module without the need of any middleware made the system easy to maintain and troubleshoot. With mother & child operating at a speed of 3 m/s, and 0.8m/sec respectively, the overall throughput of the system is 28 pallets per hour, enabling faster packaging of the goods, increased safety of the personnel, and material. Further with a travelling speed of 2.5m/s, each crane gives a throughput of 48 pallets per hour in and out. The height of this system is 24 meter high with 11 levels enabling for an efficient vertical utilization of the space. The complete modular nature of our systems enables easy scalability with the addition of extra cranes, and shuttles for any future enhancements.

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Customer Support

Dedicated support (1)

We were there to handhold the customer and provide initial support after the go-live of the project. We provided stabilization support and detailed manual documentation for the proper functioning of the operation. A dedicated 24/7 on-site support was provided along with the required spare parts. Also, regular remote support for the customer was provided after the ramp-up and even when we left the site of operation. New Business requirements were incorporate through a smooth and quick change management process to ensure the operations did not get affected. This facility is the customer’s most advanced automated facility in India.

Our Impact


reduction in space, ASRS requires 2860 sq mtr of space versus block storage requires 15000 sq mtr

Direct integration between the SAP EWM & PLC module, made the system easy to maintain

144 pallets per hour in and out overall throughput to ensure efficient utilization of space

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