Updated on April 17, 2020

Database Administrator with 4 – 6 years of Work Experience


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                   Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities

– Building database systems of high availability and quality depending on each end user’s specialized role

– Designing and implementing databases in accordance to end user’s information needs and views

– Creating complex query definitions that allow data to be extracted

– Defining users and enabling data distribution to the right user, in appropriate format and in a timely manner

– Use high-speed transaction recovery techniques and backup data

– Minimise database downtime and manage parameters to provide fast query responses

– Provide proactive and reactive data management support and training to users

– Determine, enforce and document database policies, procedures and standards

– Perform tests and evaluations regularly to ensure data security, privacy and integrity

– Monitor database performance, implement changes and apply new patches and versions when required

– Knowledge of ‘relational database management systems’ (RDBMS), ‘object oriented database management systems’ (OODBMS) and NoSQL database management systems

– Experience with their database software/web applications

– The ability to work quickly, under pressure and to deadlines

– Up-to-date knowledge of technology and the Data Protection Act

– Ability to work well in a fast paced environment, where the technology is constantly changing



Database Administrator Skills & Competencies

– Analytical skills: Must monitor the database performance and evaluate complex information coming from a variety of sources.

– Communication skills: Must communicate effectively with managers, developers, and other workers.

– Detail oriented: Understanding of complex systems, and how a minor error can cause major problems.

– Problem-solving skills: When problems come up, administrators must troubleshoot them and resolve the problems.


B.Tech, B.E, M.C.A


– Must have Work Experience with 4-6 years

– Hands-on experience with database standards and end user applications

– Excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security, integrity and SQL

– Familiarity with database design, documentation and coding

– Previous experience with DBA case tools (frontend/backend) and third party tools

– Familiarity with programming languages API

– Preferable Female Candidates.




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