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Published by :Financial Express

4th Jan 2023

In the current age of digitisation, marketing trends have emerged as companies are also becoming tech-oriented even in terms of the marketing. Satish Shukla, Co-founder & CMO, Addverb Technologies, mentions the key technologies that are shaping up the future of how brand communicate:


With the ultra-fast 5G network becoming the backbone of more intelligent systems and processes, emerging technologies like AI, IoT, AR/VR will see a boost. The low-latency connectivity will enable all processes to be managed remotely with all the infrastructure being monitored and automated. Businesses will come one step closer to creating more efficient processes while reducing redundant or mundane tasks.

Customer Experience

How companies manage their customers and their experience is how business drive revenue. It is imperative that businesses need to prioritise customer service and experience more. Technological advances would make it easier to add value to the experience and
enhance it.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a major contributor to our day-to-day lives. AI’s capabilities can determine customer behaviour and map out insights. With AI, getting to the plan of action and executing it becomes ten folds easier and helps broaden the target audience and capture them well.


Today, everyone knows how businesses function and the adverse impact they have on the environment. It’s high-time businesses start making more sustainable and environment friendly decisions, which would definitely enhance the customer’s trust for the brand.

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