Are companies really serious about addressing mental health concerns?

Published by :ET HRWorld

8th Jan 2022

Mental health at work

As the world is navigating through the different waves of the pandemic, employees are struggling with anxiety, depression, burnout, etc. But the bigger challenge for organisations is not just deploying mental health initiatives but also addressing them and creating a safe haven for employees to break the mental health stigma.

A majority of the working population out there believes that their companies should be doing more for the employee’s mental health. While many organisations are trying their best to be there for their employees, most of them don’t even know where to begin from. 

Addverb, also, is on its feet to accommodate and address Mental Health issues and here’s what Kanupriya Verma – Senior Manager – HR, quoted ETHRWorld for the same:

“As an HR, catering to the mental health issues along with the physical issues is equally important as that would impact the productivity of an employee. During the time of Covid-19, or whatever that happened in the second wave, we have seen a lot of employees who were physically going through a lot of issues as well as they were also mentally not so well which makes mental wellbeing a crucial factor determining overall employee wellbeing”

Mental Health issues workplace mental healthcare

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