Warehouse Management System-Optimus(WMS)

Our WMS software, armed with intelligent IOT, ensures effective inventory management and provides complete visibility into the end to end operations of the warehouse

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Warehouse Management System | WMS


Lifeline of a smart warehouse


Inventory management

Organized workflow and space usage enables optimized inventory levels, thus reducing safety stock levels and stock out issues


Easy integration

Swift integration with existing systems creating a comprehensive software solution that enables robust supply chain execution and scalability



Modular structure enables to configure specific needs of an organization such as its size, types of goods, and other industry-specific features



Improved flexibility across diverse warehouse operations, including space utilization, reporting, labor management, inventory control, order processing, and many more

Why choose Optimus for your warehouse?

High performing features that gear up your warehouse for the future. The primary function of a warehouse management system (WMS) is to monitor the transfer and storage of goods within a warehouse and to process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, picking and put-away. WMS is a database-driven computer program that helps boost warehouse productivity by controlling cutaways and keeping inventory accuracy by documenting warehouse transactions. WMS also helps stock guide and optimize based on real-time details on bin utilization status.


Improved Picking Rate

With an astounding picking rate of 500 order lines/hour, Optimus facilitates exceptional inventory control through ultra-fast picking


Optimized processes

Seamless optimization of warehouse processes, tailor-made for your business and the type of inventory you manage


Dynamic Inventory updation

As fresh as latest order/shipment/receipt/ movement in between different operations, enabling organizations to right-size their inventory and optimize the supply chain


Reduced Operating Costs

Effective inventory control and optimized operations ensure wastage reduction, increased resource utilization, and timely management – all of which greatly diminish warehouse costs


Effective Warehouse Control

Complete warehouse management that provides a staging ground for effective customization, swift integration, and increased accuracy of operations

Turn your warehouse or factory into an adaptive production powerhouse


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