The modern day Ecommerce industry with its huge size valued at about $4.2 trillion, and growing is a perfect candidate to adopt automation to realize its huge potential by way enhanced customer experience with paradigm shifts in robust logistics and distribution system.

Ecommerce Logistic & Supply Chain Automation

Why choose Addverb for Ecommerce industry?

We are at the forefront of redefining supply chain logistics through robust automation, making the system flexible so that it can be easily adapted across industries. At Addverb, we provide innovative plug-and-play approach combined with AI based strategies to help customers with nimble features to quickly adapt on the go for a diversified product portfolio.


Ecommerce Seasonal demand and sortation

The success of global ecommerce brands hinge on accurate fulfillment of demand surges; a critical need that can be addressed only by incorporating intelligent automated solutions within supply chain warehouses that explicitly fulfil the “want-it-now” attitude.


E-Commerce Order Fulfilment

A well defined and smooth order fulfilment process calls for seamless integration of warehouse assets and end-to-order visibility, laying a foundation for enhanced customer experience and unprecedented competitive advantage.


Ecommerce Inventory Management

With effective inventory tracking, you can ensure that at no point in time you are understocked or overstocked, thus reducing costs. This effective mechanism, in turn, optimizes operational costs and delivers operational efficiency.


Ecommerce Returns Handling

The modular features of our robust software solutions ensure effortless handling of returns via proper data integration across all systems thus enhancing supply chain and inventory management, with positive ripples spreading to deliver enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.

Increased Efficiency

Significant jump in efficiency triggered for an ecommerce customer through accurate deployment of Dynamo



Picking Accuracy

in product picking operations with minimal human intervention


A staggering 20,000 picks/hour achieved with Zippy, an ultra-fast and intelligent sortation system

Trailblaze into the future

With the latest robotics and automated systems. Drop-in your query & we will get back to you at the drop of a hat!

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