Updated on October 13, 2020

Robotics Engineer

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Job Purpose :

The incumbent shall be responsible for developing the products in the mobile robotics product line and enhance the existing products.

Skills Required :

1)Knowledge in the fields of linear and nonlinear control.

2)Experience in the field of mathematical modelling, path planning and control of mobile robots.

3)Practical experience with one or more sensors/actuators such as IMU, laser scanner, optical flow sensor and motor drivers (preferably Roboteq).

4)Strong software development skills in Modern C++ and Python.

5)Hands-on experience with ROS framework and Linux operating system.

6)Experience with development of embedded boards is desirable.

7)Ability to clearly and efficiently communicate ideas and problems.

8)Ability to reliably plan and estimate the development time requirements.

9)Eagerness to learn.


1)Development of algorithms for path planning and control for autonomous mobile robots.

2)Testing and verification of the implemented algorithms for reliability and performance.

3)Further development of the simulation framework and tools for performing SIL simulations.

4)Documentation of the algorithms and test results.

5)Support in testing activities and deployment of mobile robots at customer sites.

6)Mentoring and supervision of internships.

Education: Btech /Mtech (Computer Science, Electrical, Mechatronics or related fields)

Experience: 2 – 3 Years

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